Saturday, September 18, 2010

{ Recipe for A Great Date }


1 Husband who loves Wife more than she can even imagine
1 Wife who tries to look cool in front of a strange fountain-thingy

Mix thoroughly in the Seattle Underground Tour.

Laughter, Wife snuggling under Husband's shoulder, rats, a musty smell, and education about Thomas Crapper, Puget Sound tides, and a detailed history of Seattle's early plumbing required.

Season with strawberry lemony iced tea and an iced caramel latte at Seattle's Best Coffee in Post Alley.

Optional seasoning: The gum wall in Post Alley. {Not recommended for the Wife portion of the date.}

Layer this with lunch at Kell's Irish Pub, complete with a view of the waterfront, a pint o' Guinness, and people-watching.

Surround with fresh flowers at Pike's Place; Wife should choose favorite bouquet, which Husband buys for her.

Note: Copious amounts of sunshine and balmy temperatures should accompany all above-ground portions of this concoction.

To finish, frost it with a trip to Anthropologie. Enjoy on a leisurely September Saturday.

1 comment:

  1. As I was reading the post, I was wondering if you would find/write about the gum wall. So disgusting, yet I must admit that if you look long enough you will find "HHS DECA" in gum somewhere in that mess (compliments of my students). Looks like a fun date! :-)Miss you, dear friend.