Thursday, September 2, 2010

{ I am... }

...excited about helping Mike move into his new office space this weekend!
...itching to deep clean, sort, and Goodwill my way through our home. AGAIN. I did this in the spring, after we painted. I guess when you live in a condo, all of your stuff is essentially accessible and visible, so the need to purge and organize is more frequent. I guess. I'm just making things up here, really.
...totally in love with The Pioneer Woman, especially her cooking blog. I am fascinated by her, and she makes me laugh big time. If you grew up on a farm, or if you didn't grow up on a farm, or if you haven't grown up yet, her writing is delicious.
...still amazed that I'm kind of a foodie. I readily admit that I DID. NOT. COOK. in my pre-Mike days. That man has transformed me culinarily.
...going to make a confession: I've become a decorating/design junkie, too. A designie? A decorunkie? Is that the term? I read home decorating blogs voraciously. I'm planning to make drop cloth drapes. I drool over Roman shades. I have all 289 Martha Stewart Paint sample chips. I really need to add some of my new favorites to my blogroll...
...totally stalking The Nester. I drink up her posts like they're lemonade.
...excited to celebrate a dear friend-and-former-roommate's birthday tomorrow night at Macaroni Grill.
...somewhat dubious about what Husband and I will find when we review our budget and spending for the month of August. I'm afraid. Actually, I'm very, very afraid. Because I'm not a beans-and-rice foodie. Any suggestions on how to gussy up beans and rice?
...positively elated over the antique jars I found at my parents' place last weekend! Some of them are even green glass!
...pretty much always using most of my brainspace 24/7 these days to figure out how I'm going to decorate using aforementioned antique jars, and rejoicing that Mom said I could have them!
...feeling guilty that I don't blog more often. I think that somewhere deep down, my subconscious thinks the number of photos I take should directly impact the number of blog posts I write. That part of my subconscious needs a talking-to.
...pondering my blogging "voice." Feeling a gut-deep need to be sure that what I say, how I portray myself and my life, and who I am in this space are really truly me. Not a style. A passing fad. An infatuation. A person I want to believe I am. Does that make any sense?
...ruminating busily on what sorts of gifts I want to make for the January babies. I feel rather outnumbered by the procreating folks lately: Among my not-too-extensive network of friends and acquaintances, there has been a baby in August, and will be one baby each month in September, October, and November, followed by two in January. Goodness, people!
...wishing the hubs didn't feel sick. :-( And that he didn't have to work so long, and so hard, and that I could somehow help make his workload less.
...giddy over the prospect of an Ikea trip this weekend, since the hubs' new office and his newly-downsized home workspace will need some new furnishings and supplies.
...sorta wishing someone would find the perfect kitchen and hallway paint colors for me., so glad for a three-day weekend!

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