Saturday, September 4, 2010

{ Bits and Pieces }

1. 2.3.

1. Can you see them? My long-awaited dahlia buds?
2. I'm so impatient for them to bloom! I love dahlias; these are of the dinnerplate variety, and the plants grew much bigger than I expected. I've forgotten what color they're supposed to be...
3. It's not every day that you glimpse a Boeing DreamLifter parked by the side of the road as you're stopped at a red light on your way to work, is it?
4. In the midst of tearing apart, packing up, and moving his office from our second bedroom to an office space, Mike took a call from a client.
P.S. We'll be working on this office move for most of the rest of the weekend...wish us luck!


  1. Ooooooo - you'll have to post a pic of your dahlia's when they bloom - so exiting! And what a plant - it's huge! Hope your office move is going well,
    :) Andrea

  2. It's so fun seeing you post more/again! :) Love it...

  3. I too am enjoying your posts and your long list on your last to read!