Wednesday, March 24, 2010

{ Seabrook, part II }

Words cannot do justice to the joy, beauty, laughter, and tears that made up that weekend. It was so beautiful.

Each photo is an infinitesimally tiny slice of those extraordinarily beautiful days.

Andi's darling knack for standing on chairs to get people's attention, make announcements, take photos...I think that secretly, she just likes heights...

Heading to the beach: Katie the Wild Aussie Bike-Rider, Chelle and Sadie~Rose, Fairlight on another bike, and Leslie.

I love how all the unpaved paths are covered with crushed white shells. Shiny mother-of-pearl bits, bleached white bits--breathtaking and unexpected beneath your feet. The seaside version of the Yellow Brick Road, perhaps? The White Shell Paths?

The banner Chelle made for Katie's surprise bridal shower

Quinn the Heartbreaker with his two "girlfriends," Dawna and Aminta. This little man is the strong, silent type: Mellow, sweet, laid-back, never complains, totally chill. He is so, so dear.

I think the Seabrook Beach Camp cabins, kitty-corner to our house, are the perfect place for a rustic seaside/forest honeymoon!

The morning Dawna and I spent holed up in the playroom upstairs, putting together our surprise lolly bar and happiness boxes for dinner that night. It ended up not being so much of a secret, since nearly everyone dropped in the playroom sooner or later. We talked and ate Jelly Bellies and laughed and talked some more...such fun! I miss you Dawna!

Not only is Dawna the Queen Mum, she gives grown-up girls piggyback rides! Over brush and roots and branches and mud and soggy swampy marshland and puddles. This was not your ordinary piggyback ride. I am still impressed.


Oh, Jack. You have won my love forever, small boy. Your million-dollar smiles, your snuggles, your growls as you power-crawl across the floor, your chubby thighs spilling out of legwarmers, your itsy bitsy toothies and the toothy grin you flash at everyone. How you spunkily crawl right into the middle of a kitchen full of fast-moving people just to hang out or chase a toy or peer up at faces, till someone scoops you up and loves on you. Those huge blue eyes. Your endlessly sunny disposition. I love you, Jackers, and I always always will.

Breakfast with Jack

Naptime with Jack--he fell asleep holding my necklace {a gift from Mike that says "i'm his favorite"}

~Ocean and Beach~

I took a stroll through Seabrook one bright morning and found many a house and cottage I loved. This one especially caught my eye, with its unusual windows and the round porthole by the front door. Do I sense a family vacation in the future??

A bicycle on someone's porch

A nearby street of sunny white cottages

How great is our God: That He knits together our lives in such beautiful ways!

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  1. Oh, Nikki! Love the post, love the pictures, love you and miss you like crazy!

  2. oh I love this so much how did I miss it? and Dawna seriously where was my piggyback ride?? how buff are you??