Sunday, March 21, 2010

{ He really is my KISA }

You, Dear Husband, amaze.
I daresay that most college-age young men in America are content with choosing from a fairly limited number of options regarding their immediate future: Get a job, quite possibly of the grocery-checker/McDonald's-burger-flipper variety. Take a few college classes. A road trip, maybe. Girlfriends. Minimal effort for maximal enjoyment, you could call it.
Not so my Knight in Shining Armor.
You started an IT company while you were still in high school. After graduation, you continued working at your business full-time and took a 2/3 or full load of college credits simultaneously.
Your business grew to the point where you had to hire an employee.
You've always wanted to get married young, and during your single days you were looking for a wife, not a good time.
{That's the Space Needle, not a UFO, behind us}
You started pursuing me with the intent of marriage at the fresh-faced age of 21. You decided to try out the corporate world and spent a year working at Microsoft before deciding that you really are an entrepreneur at heart. You're now re-launching your business with a fresh perspective, sharp focus, and the kind of knowledge and experience that no classroom can provide.
You not only decided to marry me, you decided we should start out our married life as homeowners. Multiple acts of God got us in our condo just a week before our wedding.
And now, at just 23, you are hard at work running your own technology company. You are married. You are a homeowner. You lead a serve team at church.
And you have completed your associate's degree. You did it!!
It's something I cannot fully wrap my head around: working {let alone starting a business!} and taking college classes. I could barely handle community college and a very part-time job.
But for you, my Knight In Shining Armor, my KISA, it's all in a day's work.
P.S. I love you. You are my Knight in Shining Armor in every possible way.


  1. Nikki - I just love the way you express yourself in writing! God has certainly blessed you with an amazing hubby!!
    I'm so glad that through the {In Real Life} blog I was able to find your blog. :) Just wish I could've met you in person - sounds like you all had an incredible time. I have loved reading all of the posts and seeing pictures.

  2. I love these posts! They make me smile very much and make me oh so happy for you dear girl! I'm so glad you found the man of your dreams and that he's taking such good care of you. It's enough to make the heart sing. <3