Thursday, March 4, 2010

{Adventures }

Tomorrow I'm embarking on an adventure.
I'm going to leave my husband for three days and two nights
--the longest we have been separated since our wedding! Woe! I miss him already!--
to spend a weekend on the coast with ten other ladies.
There will be eleven girls and four babies.
Most of us have never met "in real life" before.
We're blog-friends.
I've been reading their blogs for years, so I feel like I know all of them already.
As you can see, I've only had a blog of my own for a few months, so they don't know me as well as I "know" them. But I've graciously been invited to this meetup that they've been planning for nearly a year. And I'm so looking forward to it!!
But honey, I will miss you.
I will miss snuggling for an hour before we go to bed.
I will miss snuggling for an hour before we get up in the morning.
I will miss you telling me that you love me more.
I will miss distracting you from whatever you're doing.
I will miss you praying for me, speaking softly into my ear, before we fall asleep.
I will miss you asking if I approve of whatever you're wearing.
I will miss sneaking some of your coffee. {There's way more in that pot than one man should drink, anyway.}
I will miss you.
And I will miss the stash of Cadbury's Easter eggs in our junk food drawer.
They will be all gone long before I'm back, won't they?
Golly, I'm not even departing 'til tomorrow morning and I'm already getting all choked up!
I think this whole getting-married thing was a good idea. I get to spend much more time with you this way. But the flip side is that even the joy of a girly weekend on the beach is dimmed by the thought of how much I'll miss Manly.
I'm so glad I get you for, like, every other weekend. And please don't have a guys' night too soon in the future...I think it will take me awhile to be all stocked up on Mike-time again.
Maybe forever.
Maybe I'll ask you to let me tag along to guys' night.
I'd bring you tomorrow, but I can just hear the other girls squealing. You would be deafened by the combined estrogen of 11 women and 2 baby girls. {Poor Jack and Quinn, come to think of it--the only boys and they're so small! I'm sure they're too young to mind the extreme femininity of this weekend. They will probably be dazzled by young Sadie~Rose and Jillian, anyway.}
So honey, have a wonderful, wonderful weekend. I know you'll probably miss me more than I miss you, because that's just the kind of wonderful you are.
Mrs. Mike

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  1. i absolutely loved meeting are beautiful!