Sunday, March 21, 2010

{ Cheeries }

Recently found increasing the smileage of my days:

Teeny-tiny desserts from one of our favorite restaurants. They have a wide and delectable assortment of miniature desserts, which I would love for their tiny-ness alone--but they are scrumptious to boot!

A few weeks ago, I walked into the living room relatively late in the evening and found Mike with an entire afghan draped around his neck. Only his neck. He said his neck was cold.
He makes me laugh so often and so hard! Do you think this could be the infancy of a new trend in men's neckwear?? See, I promised you a funny picture!

Daffodils! $5 for 30 stems at Safeway!
Need I say more?
I love love lovelovelovelovelove daffodils. Always and forever.
I wish their season lasted longer.
Forgive the crappy lighting, please? I wanted to show you my countertop corner of sunshine, even if the flourescent lighting makes it look like our kitchen is in prison. It's actually a very happy place.

I've repurposed some of the jars from our lolly bar at Seabrook and filled them with Easter goodies. Left to right: Cadbury's mini chocolate eggs {it seems Mike and I both have a terrible weakness for these}, Crunch bar chocolate eggs, coconute creme-filled Hershey kisses {divine!!}, and peppermint sticks. Left over from Christmas, but they look cute in the jar. I smile every time I see these on my kitchen ledge: such sweet memories of planning and decorating and filling them with Dawna and Katie...

New love: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Basil Countertop Spray. The Mrs. Meyers products were on sale awhile back, and I've been curious about them...I won't lie, the packaging is what snagged me...and ohmygoodness, the basil-scented countertop spray is sooooooo lovely! My heart hurts a little bit every time I use it, because I love it so much but really don't want to pay that much for clean counters. This whole anecdote probably tells you more about the carnal state of my soul than what cleaning products you ought to try out next, eh?

The Mr. and I spent over an hour at the paint store yesterday, eyeing all sorts of delicious chips of color. I'm busy taping on walls and cupboard doors and imagining all sorts of color combinations, come warm-weather-time.


  1. I very much adore this post.
    And coconut-creme filled hershey's kisses? Shut UP!
    That picture of Mike with the afgan around his neck has got me snorting.
    And thanks to Safeway, I also have twenty sunny daffs brightening my kitchen counter and a $10 Khols cash card in my wallet.
    We also spent a good hour at the paint store yet again yesterday and bumped into a lady who does interior design who gave us a some really great pointers and then helped us find the perfect red. It's actually called Raspberry Truffle. I have had the best luck with paint colors who are named after food. Celery, Apple, Acorn Squash. etc. Today my dining room is getting painted " Robins Nest "
    Wish for Farm Chicks to hurry up and get here. Scheme-ing about how to get "the girls" up here that weekend for a reunion. They don't know this yet.

    I love you muchly Mrs Mike. Thank you for all your pretty spring smileage.

  2. Ok, Chelle, spill it! What "girls"???????
    And a Robin's egg blue dining room?? Shut up! So freaking awesome! lol I sound 15. Glad you finally found a red. I'm hoping to find a white.
    Sorry Nikki to hijack your comments. And I'm totally jealous of both of your cheap daffodil bouquets. They are my favorites too!

  3. Hey I just bought 30 daffys for myself tonight (despite my post about cutting out flowers) but they were a dollar for 15 at trader joes.. one bunch just wasn't enough... :)

    and farm chicks... sigh. seriously.

    and red and turqouise walls.. I love all your braveness so so much.

    and Chelle... can you take a video of the snorting. please please please.. we all need to see.

  4. What do you mean, " what girls? " You know exactly who I mean by that silly. Very much dreaming and wishing and scheming up ways to have a mini reunion over farm chicks at the begining of June. Oh and I totally recommend, Linen White. It's a Benjamin Moore color. And aren't you proud of me F? I am totally falling for pastels. And if I could I woul dq so bring you a big bunch of daffodils.

    L. the snorting might be hard to duplicate as I it is a seriously rare occurance for me. And I thought our deal was good at bunches of 10 for $2.50. I remember getting an insane deal like that on daffs at T.J's last spring.

  5. I wish snorting were a rare occurance.. oh how I wish...

    mini reunion.. what a lovely dream.

    you'll see my daffys soon, Ive got the cutest little table set up to celebrate a sweet friend tomorrow.

    oh and Nikki (since this is your blog)you thought that camping story was something I spared the really ridiculous details of the fact that A) I don't use port a pottys and B) went into a panic attack because I had to pee at three in the morning and Cade would ONLY sleep snuggled against my chest, and I was totally fricking cold... and had to pee fiercly to where I drug Nick out of Rylan and his tent.. and had a total mental breakdown about peeing and freezing.. to which I finally yanked the toilet paper from the tent and ran.. to when I came out.. Nick seriously so sincerely said.. Leslie Im so proud of you for peeing in there in 10 years... I have never seen you use one of those... to which I replied HOVER baby, HOVER... and then he handed me the keys.. without words for me to leave... It was seriously 24 degrees when I got the kids into the van.... SO SO COLD....

    thats the full version!

  6. p.s. Andi's socks came in handy handy.. let me tell you!

  7. Rolling on the floor laughing....this is a story I'm glad you've recorded, Leslie--your descendants will love it!!!! Hovering is the only way to handle public restrooms of any kind, in my mind, and port a potties are especially disgusting. Our Bible study group has a White Elephant gift exchange every Christmas, and one year someone got a Travel John: A fold-up portable thingy to pee in. Looked like a whoopie cushion. And it had an "adapter" so women can use it too!! We all about died laughing. Mike wanted it, for his long commutes during his Microsoft days, but somebody else stole it. That is just too gross....

  8. So I got a kick out of just reading these comments! It's like a joint blog post in the comment section! Loved your post too Nikki...I've been hooked on the Mrs. Meyer's stuff for awhile and really love the geranium...don't ever, ever try the that it? Pea something...they had it out once in a special floor pack and it seriously makes your house smell like cigarette smoke! Not good when you are trying to sell your house! And why are you waiting for warm weather to paint? I just painted my kitchen two times in two days this week! Bring on the paint!

  9. How in the world do you guys keep finding these cheap daffs? I must be shopping in the wrong stores. And I'm so proud of you for going with new-to-you colors and pastels. :)
    We finally found a creamy white that I and our realtor was happy with. It's called Cafe Cream.
    Leslie, how the heck did you go that long??? Babies snuggling on full to bursting bladders are the worst. So glad you didn't wet your pants though. Guys just don't understand to whole public restrooms thing. I'm so glad I have girls and have the excuse of buying "princess potty covers." We use them religiously. :)
    Courtney, why did you paint your kitchen??? Same reason we're painting ours? You should come paint with me. It would be seriously more fun together. :)