Thursday, March 29, 2012

{ A Pound and A Foot! }

Miss Peanut,

You've been one busy girl lately! First, there's the growing: I intended to write this blog post last week, when you were about a foot long and weighed a pound and the title of this blog post was actually accurate. But I got distracted, and now you weigh about a pound and a half, and are about 13 inches long...but I'm sticking with that title! Your movements are becoming more pronounced, though today was the first time I could see your kick from the outside--just a delicate little blip on the side of my tummy. That placenta is smack-dab front-and-center, so I can only feel you along the sides and bottom of your little aquarium. I can't quite bring myself to call your movements "kicking"...they feel more like little thumps. You are most active in the evenings and after I eat. Your daddy is bound and determined that one of these days you are going to kick when he talks to you. He talks to you a lot, and prays for you every night. He gave me a talking-to a few days ago because he doesn't think I talk to you enough. I'll admit, it is a little awkward at first, carrying on a conversation with my belly!

you're about the size of an eggplant these days

One thing that's easy for me to do is to come up with nicknames for you. Little Miss, Buttercup, Little Girl...the list goes on!

This week your daddy has made a lot of progress getting his desk built in the living room. That's the first step in clearing out the room that will eventually be your nursery. He's built and painted shelves, made himself some whiteboard walls {who knew they make dry-erase paint!}, and soon we'll be able to start tackling the mayhem of the nursery-to-be itself. I've purchased a Katie Daisy print that's sort of the springboard for the colors, narrowed down paint choices, and bought a couple of random things from Target's summer line of housewares because I love the colors...and an aqua beverage tub will make a lovely {and affordable} toy catchall!

You Are So Loved

Blue Beverage Tub.Opens in a new window
{in real life it's not true blue at all--there's a lovely greenish hue, making it really aqua/teal}

You're also doing a fair bit of traveling in the next few weeks. Tomorrow we're driving to eastern Washington to visit two of my dear childhood chums, Anna and Chelle, and their families. Anna, Chelle and I grew up together, but this will be the first time all three of us have been together as couples since Anna and Tim's wedding, two and a half years ago! Anna's wedding, and my wedding two months earlier, are actually the only times that us three couples have all been together. It's going to be so much fun--three kids, two babies, and lots of laughter! 

Then, next weekend, we're driving to central Oregon for my brother Emery's wedding. I can already hear the noises your Grandma Gwen is going to make when she sees your bump--the last time we saw them was at Christmas, before your presence was visible to the outside world! She's going to be very excited about you, Babycakes.

And just so everyone can's the "outside view" at 25 weeks:

I love you Baby,


  1. Precious, precious note to a precious bundle of joy! Funny story, Dale used to press his mouth right up to my tummy at night and say in his big deep rumbly voice, "Deeee-stiny, Deeeee-stiny" one night she kicked KAPOW, right on the kisser! Pinched my belly right between her heel and daddy's mouth. Hysterical!

  2. Love the print and colours you chose! Glad to hear the office re-make is well in hand, so cool that you can get whiteboard paint :) Have a wonderful trip and pretty please pass on a hug to that Chelle-girl for me!! Hugs for you and the little miss too xo

  3. Ohhh... Your nursery is going to be amazing!! - I just know it!
    And I can visualize your lil' ms. peanut quite well... as this was the exact time that we met our Joshua and Caleb. 25 weeks, 1 1/2 lbs and 13 3/4 inches long. Amazing.

  4. Yes your mom is going to be super excited to see your baby bump! The nursery colors look lovely!