Friday, March 16, 2012

{ Keepin' It Real }


My heart is heavy. This week has been intense, in sad and unexpected ways. Mike's grandma is hospitalized and not doing well. Mike and his sister Amaryah are her primary decision-makers, due to lots of extenuating circumstances. All the complications, medical information, decisions that must be's a heavy load. Will you pray for them?

And then, one of Mike's good friends died on Wednesday. Details aren't known yet, but it's a heavy blow for this group of guys--some have been friends since middle school. I feel like Mike is carrying so much right now, and there's not much I can do to help him. Except pray. I know that the privilege of talking to God is a big deal, but sometimes it seems so insignificant in the face of death. So intangible. I want to do something to help: Make a meal, take on tasks, do something.

It's not all black and dismal around here, though. It's kinda busy, kinda normal, kinda just life:

Got up at what felt like an unholy hour, but was actually 7ish.

Ate grapenuts for breakfast, felt nauseous. Not sure if this new-but-old trend of upset tummy in the morning means I need to a) eat more before bed, b) snack during one of my many nighttime bathroom breaks, or c) get up and eat earlier...or if it just means Miss Peanut likes to stretch when I eat and my tummy doesn't approve.

Wore one of Mike's plaid shirts as a jacket all morning. I don't know if this is a guy thing, or specific to my husband, but most of his nice button-down shirts get downgraded because he wears a hole in one elbow. One. Just one. I don't know what he does with that elbow all day at work, but it must be rough. 

Cleaned out bathroom cabinets and laundry closet shelves while talking on the phone with a friend in Pennsylvania. Why on earth have I kept this foot lotion for...let's least five years...when I have never once used it? Yep, major purging going on in these parts!

Ate lunch at, like, 11:00.

Thought of a lovely first and middle name combo for Miss Peanut, but we have to see what Daddy-o thinks!

Nope, I'm not gonna tell you what it is. No need to ask.

Somehow managed to fit all my Goodwill/women's shelter donations in my car, including a large-ish two-part wooden shelf.

Errand list:
~ Home Depot {paint samples for the nursery}
~ Bed Bath & Beyond {look for a new pump for a broken soap dispenser}
~ Local women's shelter to drop off donations
~ Pay a bill
~ Post office
~ Library

All that took me 2.5 hours, and it is soooooo delicious and springy outside, and I had to wear sunglasses, and I didn't need my coat, and I had to use a public bathroom at my first stop, and I got hungry, and I still need a new soap dispenser. :-( And I wanted an iced latte, but I didn't get one cuz I already had my cup of coffee for the day.

It's only 4:00, but I feel like dinner. Better go see what I can rustle up!


  1. SO sorry for Mike's friend and Gma. :( It IS a heavy load, and so odd when you as the child, are suddenly thrust into these circumstances where you play "adult" to an adult that's been your elder all these years. Dale experienced that too recently with his dads cancer surgery and treatments, suddenly he as the child, was making decisions for his father.
    2nd, you are so stinkin' cute in Mike's shirt. I used to outgrown my maternity clothes by the end, like belly below the shirt. I wore a LOT of dresses and Dale's giant xl shirts. Heaven! I still go get some of my favorites out when I need a comfort day.
    Hugs girlie, T

  2. I am so sorry for these problems and sadnesses Mike and you are experiencing. We will be praying for all of you.

  3. So sorry to hear of the passing of Mike's friend and health issues with his grandma. Praying earnestly for wisdom, strength and peace that passes all understanding for both of you. Praying too for little (or big) ways to help during this time, I totally identify with wanting to just 'do something'!

    Sounds like some successful purging continues - you are going to have one amazing, awesome-feeling tidy place when you are through. And isn't the beginning of Spring just the most refreshing time? May many more sunny, warm days head your way! xo