Thursday, March 15, 2012

{ Progress }

The kitchen.

It will never be this clean, organized, and disinfected {disinfected!!} again.

Unless future me has 2.5 days to dedicate solely to cleaning the kitchen. I'm thinking that won't happen anytime soon.

The pantry: My magnum opus.

One of my major takeaways from this project is that I need more cute dishtowels. Except for the one above--which I don't use because it's too cute--all my current towels are stained, nasty, ugly things.

Closeup of two of my sweet vintage storage canisters.

And now, because I'm starving, I'm going to make lunch in these pristine quarters!


  1. Beautiful! Great work! Nesting and spring cleaning all rolled into one. :)

  2. WOW! You go girl! Now come clean mine!

  3. Love the canisters and your pretty tea-pot!

  4. You're so funny. My pantry gets cleaned twice a year, 3 times if I'm lucky. And I try to get everything cleaned in an hour. While small children empty my cookbook and take bites out of onions, throw magnets all over the floor, build zoos in the middle of the floor, train tracks on the table, and I have to spell 50 million words for the letter writing 8 year old. Savor these days Nikki! :) PS. Your kitchen is darling. I'm envious of its clean state. :) And all of my towels are yucky too. We now buy the 12 pack of bar towels at Costco for every day use (so I don't feel bad tossing them away) and I keep the few cute O have ones for display.