Thursday, March 24, 2011

{ Anna and Oliver }

Stopping on our way home from Idaho to have lunch with Anna and Tim and meeting their dear baby boy, Oliver, was one of the happiest afternoons I think I've ever had! Anna and I have known each other since the womb: Our moms were pregnant together, and Anna was born two months before me. Tim and Anna got engaged three weeks after Mike asked me to marry him, and their wedding was two months after ours.
We've shared a lot. And ever since Oliver was born in October, I've been dying, over in Western Washington, knowing that the snuggliest-kissablest-dearest-boy is in Eastern Washington.
So glad we were able to remedy that!
Anna just glows. She is so in her element. And the lunch she made us? It goes down in my book as one of the best meals I've ever eaten. Ever. Wonderful food is so much better when you share it with good friends, isn't it?
And Oliver...oh, Oliver! I am smitten. You are so much more dear and darling and adorable in person, from your fresh rosy cheeks to your twin cowlicks to the sweet little noises you make and how you tried to eat my necklace. Photos don't do this little man justice!
It was far too short a visit. It was just the sweetest little taste.
But oh, how thankful I am for it!


  1. It just makes me so happy to know that you've finally met that oh so dear to your heart little Mr...and yes,don't he and his dear little mother make the sweetest twosome ever. But then we always knew she'd be such a lovely mother.