Monday, March 7, 2011

{ Busy busy }

Thank you all for your encouraging words in response to my last post. One of my great struggles is with vulnerability. Letting people see that I don't have it all together is a really frightening thing to me. But then you end up isolated, feeling alone and not known or understood...also not where I want to be. The Lord is gently showing me His love in this time, and part of that is through you ladies. Thank you.
Because life can never be "normal," Mr. Husband and I are driving to Idaho this Thursday to visit my grandma. She's not actually my grandma by blood; she is my cousins' grandma, but lives two miles from my family, across the road from my biological grandparents.
I remember being seven or eight years old and thinking how lucky I was to have three sets of grandparents. I thought it was normal!
Grandma isn't doing very well. She's had cancer for well over a decade; it was diagnosed as terminal a few years ago. In the last month she's started going downhill physically faster. Mr. Husband and I had planned on seeing her and grandpa when we visit my family for Easter next month. No one knows if she will be celebrating Easter here or with Jesus, so we've moved our plans up six weeks.
I've been too wrapped up in my own morose pity-party to even think about the fact that this may be the last time I see her this side of heaven. I want to be intentional in my time with her, to love her in the ways that will be most meaningful to her. I need to make time to process this before we go.
In spite of the fact that it will probably be an emotionally draining trip, I'm excited about:
~ A road trip with my husband
~ Reading The Magician's Nephew aloud in the car {can you believe he's never read The Chronicles of Narnia?!!}
~ Seeing my parents and youngest brother
~ Experiencing springtime, a.k.a. The Season of Mud, in the country for a few days
~ Catching up with cousins and their babies, who grow way too quickly between visits
~ Lunch with this dear friend and getting to meet her baby boy for the first time! {I love you, Oliver!}


  1. Enjoy your weekend and those precious moments with Grandma! Thought of you today and said a prayer! Safe travels! ~Tonya

  2. Praying you had a truly wonderful time road-tripping with your Mr Mike and were able to spend precious time with your Grandma and family and and knowing how special it must have been for you to kiss up those little Oliver cheeks for the very first time. xo

  3. Thank you both for your prayers--we had a really great time with all my family, but of course the afternoons with Grandma were especially precious. Once I've caught up on laundry you'll hear more about it! :-)