Thursday, March 10, 2011

{ Brewing }

It's a lot of fun to have new experiences and adventures with your spouse. It's also a lot of fun to do new things with another couple. Our church has multiple campuses and is sort of known for attracting lots of young singles. However, the campus we attend is in the suburbs, so there are a lot of young families with little kids. I guess that's what happens when you get young singles together and tell them that Jesus wants them to get married and have babies! Mike and I met at the one singles' Bible study at that campus {now there are several}. The vast majority of our church friends are still in, we were the third marriage to come out of that singles group, and there have been only five total. So we don't have many married friends, young or old. It's an absence I sometimes feel acutely. This doesn't mean I don't value our single friends; simply that having friends who are also a couple brings an added dimension to a friendship. A really good dimension.
In January Mike and I brewed beer at Gallagher's with our friends Luke and Joanna. We were friends with them when they were single, we were friends with them when they were dating, and now they are finally ENGAGED and we are still friends!! Mike and I made a half batch of a porter; Luke and Joanna made a half batch of a winter ale. While Mike and I had really enjoyed our previous experience at Gallagher's {I took Mike there for his birthday while we were dating}, it's even more fun when shared!

Why does Joanna look frightened of the hops? I'll have to ask her...

Lu and Jo got engaged a few days before our double date. They are the cutest couple!

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