Monday, February 1, 2010

{ In Which My Antiquity is Revealed }

Last Friday, Dear Husband and I went on a date--a real, honest-to-goodness date--for the first time in weeks. It was long overdue and we were both a little silly with happiness to dress up a bit and spend time together, just the two of us.

It's hard to describe Z's Gourmet Burgers; it's a fun {and delicious!} experience. The burgers were great, the french fries were perfection, and the vintage Coca-Cola/Boeing decor somehow fits. It's a nostalgic spot for me since that's where I met my current employer for my first interview. I don't remember lunch at all, but I loved the open, beachy, laid-back vibe of the place: Two huge glass garage doors {the entire storefront} rolled up, retro memorabilia, a pleasant throng of locals enjoying what truly is the best burger in town.

Following an unfortunate incident with a loose mustard cap, necessitating a quick trip home and new jeans, Mike took us to Frost Doughnuts for some double-chocolate goodness and then to Starbucks. It was so nice to just hang out with him! I sat on his lap and if any bitter single people were there, we probably made them want to throw hot coffee in our general direction. Then Mike--who clearly studies my likes and dislikes--suggested window-shopping at Pier 1.

Oh the joy!

That store is delightful. On several occasions, Mike accused me of having "old lady taste," which apparently means riotous floral patterns are all the rage in nursing homes.

At this point we decided to go home and play Dutch Blitz. In case you have no idea what Dutch Blitz is {a travesty in itself}, it's a very fast-paced card game that was created by an Amish guy. In my heyday {read: when I was a homeschooled Idaho teenager} I was the queen of Dutch Blitz. My fingers were nearly as fast as my tongue, I tell you. I haven't played much in the past eight years or so, but someone gave it to us as a wedding gift, and I was eager to teach Mike to play.
We got home...super full of burgers, fries, doughnuts, and coffee...and felt a little too stuffed to play a rousing card game. Unfortunately we frequently eat to the point of feeling uncomfortable, so Mike suggested our usual fix: Lie down for a few minutes and digest.
The problem is that we laid down on the couch and fell asleep. It wasn't much after 9:00pm. And we had to take a nap! For A. Long. Time. I woke up at 11:45pm and we were both so zonked we stumbled to bed and slept another 9 hours. What is up with that?! We've only been married six months, and already we can't even stay awake all the way through date night! We crash at 9pm on a Friday night! We're too tired to play a card game! Gosh!! I guess marriage takes more energy than I thought.
Either that, or I have old lady taste because I really am old...


  1. oh no! maybe M and I shouldn't go down that path ;) hehe

    Also I think we need to check out Dutch Blitz - we are such board game/card game players and it sounds fun :)

    Your so cute Niki - love your posts. Do u think we will get to meet sometime this spring?

    kt :)

  2. Honey,
    This is an old woman married for two whole years talking here,and we are as fuddy-duddy as they come.
    We actually go to the early movies,one they are cheaper and two we can be sure to be in bed by nine:)
    I dont care what time we have our dates,as long as I am spending time with my man,besides the early bird specials are really a good deal:)

  3. I love this but I am DYING for a colour/paint update!!! :)

  4. You are so cute! I am in my pj's by 8:00 these days.