Saturday, February 6, 2010

{ In Process }

~ Folding four loads of laundry {I do not understand how we create such large quantities of dirty clothes every week!}
~ Pondering paint samples taped on walls

~ Singlehandedly consuming an entire box of day-old powdered mini donuts. This box went from full to this
on the ten-minute drive home from the grocery store. As I type, only two remain. I love powdered donuts!
~ Vacuuming
~ Husband's online biological anthropology class test {shhhhh, he's taking it in the office!}
~ Cleaning the bathroom--it's long overdue :-/
I didn't even take a picture of the paint samples taped on the bathroom wall. They look hideous next to the ruffly sea foam green shower curtain which makes me happy every single time I look at it, hanging from it's darling glass-knobbed Shabby Chic curtain rings {thank you, Target!}. That's what I get for going to Home Depot spur-of-the-moment without any fabric swatches to match. I'm really liking the process of elimination and figuring out what looks good, though.
Now I'm off to fold, vacuum, and clean before heading to lunch with girlfriends in, like, 45 minutes. Eek!

1 comment:

  1. Nikki, Hang them on different walls and look at them in different lighting. Sometimes they will appear darker or lighter depending on the sunlight. That might help with the process of elimination. :)