Tuesday, February 16, 2010

{ Organizational ADD }

I've been feeling really productive and motivated. I've even begun tackling my side of the second bedroom, a.k.a. Mike's office/workspace, which has been the Black Hole of Everything for approximately seven months and six days. For those of you who like numbers, that's how long we've lived here. Pretty much any piece of paper--ahem. Pretty much anything that I don't have time/energy/desire to deal with ends up there. I've sort of rearranged the various masses on a couple occasions; once I even turned some of it into recognizable piles. That was a Big Step.

Last night I dedicated a few hours and made progress toward sanity. This involved deciding what to do with our Large Stack of Wedding Cards. I did the only thing a sensible-OCD-newlywed-housewife would do: I paired each card with its appropriate envelope {which took over an hour, but I realized I'm much better at recognizing handwriting than I thought} and put them in a box with all my other wedding memorabilia so that I can...you guessed it...deal with it later. But at least now all the wedding stuff is in one place, which will make the eventually dealing-with that much easier! {I can't believe I actually put all the cards and envelopes together. Seriously. Why? For what purpose? Who does that? I did it because I think when I'm 88 and thinking back on my wedding day, I'll get a huge kick out of the memory.}

I was also quite surprised to discover that when I say something like, "I'm going to clean my side of the office," what actually happens is something more like this:

~ Start to organize piles on my desk
~ Put some things away in bedroom
~ Completely re-organize the top of our dresser
~ This involves re-organizing of some of my stuff in the bathroom, too
~ Eventually make my way back to the office
~ Realize that random basket under desk is perfect for the bathroom
~ Decide to put some things in nightstand in bedroom; total re-organization of nightstand ensues
~ Remember that a load of clean, unfolded laundry is in the dryer
~ On the way from the office to the dryer, get distracted by thirstiness and go to kitchen {NOTE: the dryer is in the hallway between the office and the kitchen. Office --> hallway with dryer --> kitchen. Special, huh?}
~ Feel all kinds of crumbs on kitchen floor; sweep kitchen
~ Look at fridge and remember that I wanted to put some photos that I re-discovered on the fridge
~ Go back to the office, realize I'm still thirsty
~ On way to kitchen, remember laundry but decide it can wait

And so on. The crazy part is that, in my mind, all of this counts toward "cleaning the office!" And I wonder why it takes me so long to finish...

Am I the only person who gets the heebie jeebies from dirty kitchen floors? I can't stand feeling things on the floor with my feet. Maybe that's why this is taking so long!


  1. nikki...so excited to meet you...and to have just discovered you and your blog. i already can tell i'm just going to love you...and, oh my, this is SOOO me when it comes to organizing anything...or completing any tasks for that matter. :)

  2. BWAHAHAHA! This is what happens when I clean... As a matter of fact, I'm so inspired -and amused- I'm now off to LJ my arts/crafts desk cleaning adventure!