Monday, February 15, 2010

{ Valentine's Day 2010 }

Valentine's Day, 2010. So much mellower and happier than V-Day 2009, which culminated with a fight {The Big One} that left us barely speaking for four days, and, on the fourth day, a conversation that totally transformed our relationship. After that conversation--which lasted from 10pm Wednesday till 3am Thursday--we both knew that we were going to get married. And a little over a month later, Mike proposed.

Heart Day this year included:

~ Enormous homemade breakfast

~ A lovely pink-and-white bouquet and a box of See's chocolates {apparently dropping hints works!!}

~A ferry ride to Whidbey Island ~ ferries are a big part of our story. While we were "just friends," I once mentioned in passing that I love ferry rides. Mike took note, and on our first date {that gorgeous, sunny, unseasonably warm March day} we rode a ferry to the cutest little waterfront village and ate crepes in a darling little shop. On several future dates we rode that same ferry over and back. There were beachcombing adventures, ice cream cones, strolls on the marina, and one very unfortunate episode involving a crow with diarrhea who perched in a tree directly above us--the lovebirds on a bench below who had just gotten coffee--just before his bowels let loose. It was a most memorable date, gentle reader. I assure you. Come to think of it, it's probably fortuitous that we are now closer to a different ferry. If I were Mike I'd never want to sit on that bench again...or wear those pants again...

~ Late lunch at Arnie's--their lime margarita is amazing!

{Looking at the lighthouse from the ferry}

~ Church

~ Trying to find a place to have dinner; both of the restaurants we went to were closed! At 8pm on Valentine's Day! {Hesper, whatever bad mojo we had in the past regarding our famous Rotic-Moments-Gone-Bad is definitely carrying over into Mike's attempts at Romantic Moments. Go figure.}

~ Chicken Caesar salad at home, after which the two of us singlehandedly consumed half the box of chocolates. Yum.

~ Drinking wine, playing Dutch Blitz, and laughing till our sides ached.

I hope your Love Day was full of joy!

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