Thursday, January 21, 2010

{ Color }

I need help.

I'm positively itching to paint our condo. {We are not going to talk about vaulted ceilings and 20-foot-high walls. Noooooooooo. I find those sorts of things intimidating. Focus with me: Paint!}

I'm also overwhelmed by the options.

Benjamin Moore? Sherwin Williams? Behr? Spray paint from Ace Hardware? What's the best kind of paint to use? This is Question Numero Uno.

Followed by Question Numero Dos: How did you choose the colors you used to paint your home? Was it a room-by-room decision, or did you have an overarching theme for the entire space? What was your strategy?

Is there anything you'd do differently?

Where do you get your ideas and inspiration?
Please share! Your Tumblr page, Flickr photostream, favorite design blog, Granny's quilt that inspired the palette of your entire home, the time your two-year-old found that open gallon of primer and a paintbrush, whatever!

I've never given much thought to how I want my home to look. Of course, I've admired homes and showrooms and movie sets and Anthropologie catalogs, but in the sense of "That's really beautiful" rather than "How can I adapt this to be in my home someday?" So while this is a grand adventure, it's also a bit intimidating because I feel like I'm new to this game...and what if I find something else I absolutely adore two weeks after I've painted the living room eggplant?

See my problem?

If left to my own devices, I might actually paint something eggplant. Love that color. Not so sure it would be great in a 900+ square foot condo. If it's just too much, where do I go to get away from it? My parking space?


  1. this blog has so many great color and color scheme ideas,scroll through all her posts.(especially the older ones:)
    Her blog has made me want to paint my whole house! Daily!
    Maybe she will have some pics that will inspire:)
    (I love her post on the color blue,simply yummy!)
    My first thought of eggplant is that it is a dark color and your apartment is already on the darker side..(what about the kitchen for that color???)..but maybe thats is a lovely color.

  2. Design*Sponge. Seriously. If you're not religiously reading this every day, you're missing out.
    They do "tours" of designers houses and those are very inspiring (as well as well-archived).

    Apartment Therapy is another great site. You can use the "Main" page, which is what I follow. And from there, you can select various cities (Chicago, New York, LA, etc) to see what's trending, and where.

    Personally, I'm a big fan of gray for interiors right now. It was named "color of the year" for 2009. It's soothing - in a warm tone - and a nifty neutral. Plus, it pairs well with turquoise (2010's color of the year, how do they decide this?!?). And - best of all - it would be quite charming and dramatic with eggplant accents!

    Benjamin Moore gets my vote for best color selection. As far as quality, I don't know, because I can't afford it! If you can though, you NEED to go ogle their paint chips. It will make you happy!

    Good luck and post pictures!

  3. Crap. I forgot I wanted the mention Better Homes and Gardens. Last year they did an amazing series in their print magazine, with different shades of one color. It was visually just beautiful, and really good inspiration. If you have time to go through the back issues at the library, it might be worth it. Even if you don't, however, go play with this, over at the website:
    You can have hours (and hours) of fun!

  4. I had the best success with picking one inspiration piece I really loved (for me it was a striped blanket)and used that as a jumping off point for picking paint colours. The type of paint we used was the one on sale. :) Beyond that I'm not much help. But I would love to hear what you choose!

  5. Oh paint and color! How fun! I'm no good at it, but I've had my share of experiments :) I love light, neutral colors with one accent wall that is bold and vibrant. Then I just use color in items to make things pop. I guess I've always just been too scared to put too much color on walls, for fear of drowning out everything else or making the room look super small...and I always use valspar just because I tried it once and liked it hehe
    hope you have a fun time picking paints!

  6. Oh Nikki, too funny. Sorry but I had to smile. :) I been accused of wild paint choices many a time, but it all worked out once I got the entire house painted instead of just 2 rooms.

    We prefer Sherwin Williams paint. We tried the Lowe's brand and had to use 3 coats vs 1 coat of SW in the same color in a different part of the house. (and both rooms had the same starting color)

    I would pick an inspiration picture for each room (kitchen, living room, bedroom) and try to recreate it. But I would make sure that you already have some of the items in the picture. Like, you have a collection of vintage platters and plates, or you have a floral duvet cover, etc.
    I look at a lot of design blogs but I don't really do that "modern" look with the all white walls and bright primary colors.Decor8 and Haus Maus are closest to my style. Most of my decorating came out of the Cottage Living, Country Living, Country Home magazines, so don't forget to look there for inspiration too. Many times you can find old decorating magazines for 25 cents or so at library book sales or check Craigslist to see if someone is giving away a box full. Go through and rip out your favorite pages and pin them up together, stick on the fridge, or paste them in a notebook and figure out exactly what it is you absolutely love about that room and then go for it!
    So, none of that was probably any help, and what a novel I've written for you. Can't wait to see what you do! <3
    PS. Chelle mention you might be coming??!! Yay!