Sunday, November 8, 2009

{ Sunday morning }

I love mornings. I don't think it's possible to overemphasize how much of a morning person I am. I feel exponentially more sharp, focused, and energized in the morning compared to evenings or even afternoons. It's been sometimes comical, sometimes stressful to mesh my strong morning tendencies with Mike's night-owl leanings. Actually he's a mixed bag: he is a morning person too, but he can also be amazingly productive late at night. Really really late. I progressively fall apart as the night grows; he can somehow produce massive amounts of high-quality brainpower into the wee hours. For example, Mike is very strict about giving himself a Sabbath every week. He works really hard six days a week, and rigorously protects his day of rest and worship from becoming a day to catch up on tasks he hasn't finished yet. Last night that meant he was up till 1:30 AM working on his business plan. And he got a lot of it done while I slept peacefully. (At least, my sleep was peaceful till the crock pot alarm went off at 5:55 AM. I got this week's crock pot adventure started a lot later on Saturday than planned, and as a result it wasn't done cooking till after I went to bed. Apparently this crock pot emits a very loud alarm when it turns completely off. Scared the snoozing liver out of yours truly. I had been having a very lovely and realistic dream about Glacier National Park and convincing Mister that it is the per-fect place to go on our next vacation. No joke.)

This morning, while Mister slept, I had time for a long, luxurious quiet time with Jesus. I delight in having time in the morning to read the Bible and pray--it sets the tone for the whole day. I function a lot better when my day starts out with the Word, rather than having devotions in the evening. I admired the leaves outside the window, snuggled under the quilt Grandma Verla gave us for our wedding, and drank the most delicious coffee with sugar and cream. And snacked on Tostitos lime chips. Not because they go so well with coffee (though I think it's a pleasant combination), but because separately these are two of my favorite things, and I knew Mike wanted us to eat breakfast I was waiting. A wife's gotta do what a wife's gotta do! ;-)

It was still super-duper early so I worked on some more wedding thank-you's. You can see the partial fruits of my labor below. We're using flat photo cards from Costco as thank-you's, and I absolutely love them. We have a lot of cool wedding photos, and this is a great way to use one.

Writing smears easily on photo paper, so I spread the cards out to dry before sticking them in envelopes. Out of nearly 100 thank-you's, I have less than 30 left to go! Yay!

What is your favorite time of the day?


  1. When my Honey comes home.
    I will stare at the clock all day like a school girl waiting for the bell to ring.
    I just cant wait for the those headlights of that old ford pickup to pull into the driveway,even the animals feel it(Dunkin' gets very irritated when his daddy isnt home at the time that he thinks he should be home,and the kitties get grumpy and start giving me dirty looks,like I am the one who is keeping him away!)
    We ALL come running when he comes through the door.
    THATS my favorite time of day.
    But,generally speaking,I would say that I am a morning person as well,my dear Woffitt:)
    Congrats on the thank you's!!

  2. I tried so hard to become a night person when we first got married - because I am a goner after 8:30pm, if not before! But after a year I GAVE UP. :) It was funny while I tried.

    I am impressed with your thank yous!

  3. It is harder than I thought to be married to a night owl--I feel guilty for going to bed when he still has hours of energy, because he usually decides he ought to call it a night too! I suppose I need to learn to embrace this difference, start calling myself granny, and go to bed with the chickens.

  4. Oh, how I wish I was more of a morning person! And so does my husband! He loves the morning, while I would much rather be in bed! I am exactly like your Mike when it comes to the evening- it is when I am most productive and creative. I feel like most of the time I am exhausted all day, then 7:30pm-ish rolls around and I get a sudden burst of energy. I literally have to force myself to go to bed most nights. But one of my goals this next year is to work at getting up earlier...