Tuesday, November 3, 2009

{ On this day in history... }

On November 4, 2007, Hesper and Nikki (a.k.a. the future Mrs. Jake and the future Mrs. Mike) were:

four-wheeling a rental car

down "roads" like this

to get to this beach

{Polihale Beach, on Kauai's western shore. You can see
Niihau, the Forbidden Island, on the horizon in
the photo above.}
{See the pickup truck on the horizon between sand and cliff?
This beach and those cliffs are massive!}

And on the way, after an hour of bumpity-bumping down this Hawaiian goat trail (and it took an hour to get to the goat trail), they both needed to use the bathroom very badly. Very very badly. But it's jungle and slick red mud and potholes and not a sign of civilization anywhere. Finally, they saw a picnic shelter.
"We're saved!" they thought. "There must be an outhouse...a port-a-potty...a Honey Bucket...A DISCREET HOLE IN THE GROUND NEARBY!!!!
They jumped out of Trusty Dodge Caliber. They raced toward picnic shelter. They saw this word stenciled in paint on a beam.

And suddenly, they wondered if there was a reason this beach is so dang hard to get to.

(Don't worry, there were no naked people.)

(It's just really hard to get to this beach.)

But imagine the stories we can tell our grandchildren when we show them this photo!!
"Yes, missy, back in the day your granny was quite the daredevil..."


  1. Ah,sweet memories......I was thinking of our trip today too,longing for warm waters,waving green palm trees and the scent of Hawai'i in my nose.
    Speaking of our noses........
    I was just thinking of the Bird Park we went to!?!??
    That poor car,what we put it through!!!!
    Missing you,

  2. I have never purchased so many anti-stink products as I did that week while we were trying to enjoy our vacation in spite of a car that mysteriously smells like bird dung. I wonder if they ever got it to smell not-yucky!

  3. I have wondered that too!!
    Can you picture the poor sweet couple who rented the car after us!!
    They open up the door with innocent excitment,and then the smell hits them,Febreezed bird dung!!!!!!!!!!