Saturday, November 21, 2009

{ Cooking While You're On Call }

Thank you Hesper for a retro apron with sweet pockets the perfect size for tucking in my pager!


  1. So Cute!!!
    I am so glad it is a handy apron for you!
    What did you make?
    Sometimes its hard for me to believe that you used to hate to cook!
    You are always in the kitchen now(I am so proud of you!)
    I love hearing about your adventures in the kitchen.

  2. Crockpot minestrone. I've gone from fearfully and rigidly following recipes to the T, to altering and/or adding things to almost every recipe I make (usually beef or know Mike!). This time I added celery and beef, and the crockpot was so full I couldn't fit in all the pasta noodles it called for. Oh well, a good excuse to eat buttered noodles for a midafternoon snack, right? This morning I went to dish up minestrone for both of us to eat for lunch....and there is NO BROTH!!!! How on earth??!! Does beef soak up chicken broth? Celery is already full of water, right? I don't get it! So we have a crockpot full of delicious minestrone solid components minus the soupy part. Garsh!

  3. Well,the pasta soaks up lots of broth,as well as the vegatables in a soup.
    Add more broth or simply call it a casserole;)
    Also,when chilled(I am assuming you took it out of the fridge,or are you like a certain Bulgarian lady and just leave food out on the counter??:) the broth sorta congeals when chilled,once you warm it up in the microwave there should be some broth again.
    I am SO glad you are experimenting with recipes and that you realize they are just guidlines to follow,not a set of rules:)
    Love you!!!