Tuesday, October 9, 2012

{ this and that }

last week i spilled soup on my laptop.

it was really good soup too, this random paleo recipe with chicken and sweet potatoes and kale and peanut butter, so good that mike has told me like five times that if i ever want to make it again, he fully approves {and he never says that about soup!!}. moral of the story: don't try to eat lunch, answer emails, and play with lainie on the living room floor, all at the same time. otherwise you will spend the next hour scrubbing sweet-potato-orange goo out of the carpet, using toothpicks to scrape sweet potatoes out from under the keys on your laptop, and cursing your tendency to over-multitask. and then none of the number keys will work, so you can't log into your email or facebook or even log onto your computer, and even mr. computer fix-it husband o' yours can't make the numbers work. so you are relegated to using mr. husband's desktop computer, which has a host of issues of its own, plus it's like not portable and stuff, so you just aren't on the computer much for now. hopefully someday soon you will have a chance {and the stamina for a long car ride with a baby who doesn't like her carseat} to drive to the computer shop all the way in seattle to get your keyboard replaced.

that's my excuse for not blogging lately.

ironic because i've wanted to blog lots of times since paleo soup fell from the sky onto my technology.

it's fall. really truly fall. the air is crisp and chilly, the sunlight is gorgeously yellow, and i want PUMPKIN EVERYTHING. like, seriously, everything. must go through the comments on this post asap to find all the yummy pumpkin goodness i can. until very recently i hated pumpkin everything. i'm not sure what changed; maybe it was the pregnancy?? but anyways last fall i could.not.get.enough.pumpkin.spice.lattes, and the same thing is happening this year. {and salted caramel mochas. oh yes. but pumpkin spice lattes have the top spot, and not from starbucks--much more pumpkinny and not overly sweet if you get it from an independent coffee stand.} i still don't like pumpkin pie, but i'm all over every other pumpkin-related concoction.

we're dedicating lainie at church on sunday, and my whole family minus one brother is coming! {dratted weekend work schedules.} i'm excited to see everyone...it will be a crazy couple days, but well worth it. mostly i'm excited for them to see little miss. she has changed so much since my parents were here in july...she wasn't even four weeks old the last time they were here.

we're househunting. like really seriously househunting...keep us in your prayers! it's a huge decision, not to mention an incredible financial commitment...and after consoling myself with the thought that we will most likely buy a short sale, so it will be months and months before the deal is closed and we have to move, one of our top contenders is not a short sale and if it happens, we may end up moving before the holidays. golly gee whiz, i should probably start collecting boxes! do you think mike will help me hang a couple more pictures on the wall here, or will he say we ought to just wait till we move??

buuuuut, on the plus side, i'm getting totally stoked about decorating and re-arranging and making a new nest!! driving around running errands today, i had this burning desire to go home and read "hidden art" and flip through domino's big book of decorating. and i'm seriously crushing on this blog...so many cool, do-able decorating ideas!

sometimes i just feel like writing all smalls. not sure why. i think i feel like i can type faster, keep up with my train of thought better. i never know how long i have before little miss will require my attention, so anything that gets the words out faster is a-ok in my book!

in case you were wondering, i'm a few weeks in, and i totally love cloth diapering. especially when i arrange the diapers in roy g. biv order. i never understood people who talked cloth diapers all the time, the internet forums--the great passion people have for, um, cloth diapers?? like, really? now i get it. i don't understand what happens when you start cloth diapering, but i totally get the passion. somebody should probably scan my brain.

and now i'm going to tackle the mountain of dirty dishes taking over my kitchen.


  1. Ack - your poor laptop! Sounds like a fantastic soup though, might have to try it out tonight as the first little snowflakes are flying through the air. So exciting to have family on their way for Lainie's dedication - we'll be thinking of you all SUnday morning! Still praying for your house hunt too! (oh, and your 'about' tab - LOVE it!!)

  2. I just love you. And reading this post made me miss you worse than ever. Probably because it made me feel like we were sitting across the table with our pumpkin spice latte having a conversation in real life...if only! Please kiss that dear little Lanie girl of yours from me. Praying for you to find a perfectly sweet little nest for you to call your new home sweet home. xo