Friday, October 12, 2012

{ Race }

It's Five Minute Friday again, folks!


Five Minute Friday When did this life become a contest? A kind of race against myself? Do more. Faster. Be better at XYZ. Accomplish everything on this list today, and I win! Win what? Tired-and-crabby-Nikki? Great prize!

I treat so much of my life like I'm competing desperately in a competition, and almost always coming up short. The to-do lists never end. There's always another meal to cook, another load of laundry waiting, another errand to run, another book I ought to read. Am I living looking so far ahead at what remains to be done that I'm missing today?


So often my answer to that question is Yes. It breaks my heart when I stop and think about it. I don't want Lainie to grow up with a mama who is always rushing from one thing to the next, always trying to get more done and be more efficient and have more time and be a better parent--to the point where I'm not actually present in the present. I want to be here with her. I want her to know that life isn't a competition and she doesn't have to worry about winning because it's not a race. It's a gift.

So today I choose to play peek-a-boo and count piggies and spend as long as she wants talking and giggling and cooing with her. I choose to put down the running shoes and just be.


  1. Well said my friend! I'm feeling this today too and may just have my own personal dance party in the basement and not get anything done (for a little while at least...) My fondest memories are of times when I just slowed down to take something in. It feels great to cross things off lists at the time, but that feeling does not last long! May you enjoy a wonderful day playing peek a boo and chatting with your sweet-pea! xo

  2. Excellent choice! And you will not regret it.

    I remember when Rachel was little and she asked me to read her a book and I said no, I'm too busy, not right now. Almost instantly, I regretted it, and we sat and read a pile of books. The dust will still be there, the laundry will get done, and kids grow up fast!


  3. Oh this is so encouraging! Thank you!!!