Thursday, September 27, 2012

{ Birthdays }

Mike's birthday was on Sunday. I won't tell you how old he is because he thinks he's "old" now. {To which I say: You're not old till you're older than ME!}
I got up early to make him a big birthday breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, blueberry waffles {total copout: frozen Aunt Jemima waffles!}, OJ, and coffee. We went to church, and then headed up Chuckanut Drive to Bellingham. It was a perfect fall day: sunny, hazy from all the wildfires in the Pacific Northwest, and mild. We had lunch at Bayou on Bay--mostly I just ate sweet potato fries--then we went across the street to Woods Coffee and enjoyed coffee and baby snuggles in the sunshine. If you've been reading my blog for long, you probably recognize this as one of our favorite a matter of fact, this day was almost identical to our last Bellingham date in March, only this time Lainie was no longer in utero. ;-)
:: Mike's Aunt Marian knitted the sweater, hat, and booties ::

:: Daddy kisses!! ::
On the way home, we stopped at one of the lookouts and braved a rocky, precipitous trail on the side of a cliff with our infant daughter. Living on the edge, I tell ya! The sun was about to set, and it was this gorgeous hot pink/orange color because of all the smoke in the atmosphere...breathtaking!

And today is Lainie Rae's three-month birthday! How is she already three months old?!!
Lately she LOVES diaper changes! Even in the middle of the night after eating, she goes from sound asleep to grinning, animated talking, and pure excitement when I change her diaper. {Thankfully she falls asleep again almost as quickly as she wakes up.}
Speaking of animated talking: We have a chatterbox on our hands. The minute you make eye contact and start talking, she just lights up and participates with all sorts of noises. She talks to me allllllll the time, and it cracks me up because most of her noises are little dinosaur/alien sounds. Almost like chirps. It's so cute.
Last Saturday we went to Lainie's first wedding. Unfortunately she and I missed the ceremony because she had to eat right now, but at the reception, she and Mike danced together and then I joined them for a "family dance." She was a little awestruck by all the activity, and the loud music overwhelmed her after a bit, but all in all I thought it was pretty successful for a three-month-old!
:: Drooling. It happens. ::
A couple days ago I was desperate to vacuum--postpartum hair loss is no joke and my hair is EVERYWHERE--so I put Lainie in the Ergo and started vacuuming. She fell asleep. Just too boring, I guess.
:: doesn't she have the longest eyelashes?! ::
She's getting really good at this long middle-of-the-day nap...I swaddle her after third breakfast and she usually sleeps at least three hours. There's almost always a shorter {1-1.5 hour} nap in the late afternoon/evening as well.
On Tuesday we passed a big milestone: Lainie fell asleep, by herself, in her crib in her room for the first time. I've been working on getting her to fall asleep for her naps by herself in her cosleeper for the last week or two, but so far her nursery has been far too exciting for anything as mundane as sleep. My hope is to get her to fall asleep for the night in her room in the next week or two, even if she doesn't spend the whole night there.
This week I was finally able to start moving her into size 0-3 month clothing--and she's 13 weeks old! YAY!!!! I don't know how much my little Peanut weighs, but newborn clothing is officially too small. AT LAST. Dude, the magazines tell you not to even buy newborn clothing "because they will only wear it for a few days"--ha! The funny thing is, there's still extra girth in the newborn clothes, it's that she's way too long for them now. I think she's growing up, not out.
:: "See how much too long I am?" ::
Drooling...yes. Lots and lots of drool and bubbles. The hand-gnawing I mentioned recently? Still makes an occasional appearance {see below}.
One day recently, in her bouncy chair on the dining room table, she realized the ceiling fan blades were moving. That was fascinating for quite a while.
I'm sure there are half a dozen adorable things I'm forgetting to mention, but if I don't finish this post up now, it will be days before it's published.
Happy Birthday to my two loves!!!


  1. Lainie has been sooooo adorable from day one, but still, she seriously gets cuter by the day! So fun to see her growing and hear of all of her animation. Happy birthday Mr. Mike and Lainie :)

  2. Happy birthday to Mike and happy 3 months to Elaina! How fun to have a Bellingham date again - and what a beautiful view & sunset... We have had a bit of smoke in the air up here too, thankfully it has blown away and it's blue skies and sunshine again :)

    Love seeing Lainie growing - she is the sweetest!