Wednesday, September 5, 2012

{ 70 }

You are ten weeks old today, Baby Girl!
It's hard to believe you made your grand entrance seventy days ago. I still feel so new to this whole parenting thing; how is it possible you've been my little sidekick for 70 days already? But on the other hand, I can't imagine life without you anymore!
You continue to "talk" and smile, and grabbing is becoming an increasingly large part of your day {Mommy's hair and clothes are favorite targets}.

Your new love is the activity gym. You smile and coo and occasionally bat at the dangly things--up till now, you've been totally overwhelmed and overstimulated by it, but now you think it's great fun!

Most mornings you fall asleep in your bouncy chair. Such a nice break for Mama.
Last Wednesday you got your first immunizations, and you screamed shock and offense at the needle pokes, but calmed down really quickly afterward.

Over the long weekend with Daddy home, he carried you around in the Ergo a few times {firsts for him}, and in spite of his initial protests that it made him look excessively effeminate {he used--ahem--different words, but you get my drift}, both of you ended up loving it.

On Labor Day, you gave us a bit of a coughed/hacked/spit up brown-colored phlegmmy stuff that looked like old blood, so we took you to the walk-in clinic because all the doctors' offices were closed. After several hours and chest x-rays, they said everything looks fine and they're not sure what the brown stuff was. You were {and still are} otherwise perfectly fine and normal-acting, so we're hoping this was just a weird one-time thing.

Last evening I put you in cloth diapers for the first time.
Too cute!!
Confession: Apparently I had either (a) forgotten, or (b) not realized, the true extent of the adjustability of Fuzzibunz diapers...had I examined the elastic system more closely, I could probably have started you in cloth diapers a couple weeks ago. Oopsie daisy. Let's chalk it up to sleep deprivation...but wow, Fuzzibunz are awesome! Even if they do make you look like you have a giant flotation device on your bottom.

And now, the biggest news of all:
Last night you fell asleep. In your co-sleeper. By yourself.
First time since coming home from Children's Hospital that you have gone to sleep for the night without me present.
Sure, I had to come in a few times to re-insert your binky and soothe you a little, but you fell asleep in pretty short order. I was so excited I almost cried. Instead I blog-hopped and sat on your Daddy's lap and marveled at the luxury of falling asleep without simultaneously trying to get you to sleep, too.

You're growing up so fast, little Bug! Every day with you is a precious adventure...I love being your Mama!


  1. Ack! You got an Ergo!!! And in my favorite pattern too! And my Mike says the exact same thing but I think baby wearing daddies are super hot, as I like to remind him. ;)

    1. LOL!! I keep pointing out every baby-wearing daddy we see, and Mike remains unimpressed. I don't know if I'll ever get him to wear Lainie in a sling, but I figure the Ergo alone is major progress. PS: I got it brand new (and cheap) on eBay. :-)

  2. Real men wear babies. Hehe

    How could you not when she is so darn cute?