Saturday, January 22, 2011

{ Pursey }

Why, hello there, good-lookin'!
How are you today?
Excuse me, but where did someone as lovely as you come from?
TJ Maxx? Really? For $25?
But you look like you're leather! Nice, fashionably distressed leather!
And you have studs {I have a stud too, his name is Mike} and decorative tassesls and buckles and belt-y things!
And you have pockets!
So many pockets!
Cute pockets! Pockets with zippers for small essentials...

...bigger pockets for things like cell phones and keys...

Be still, my heart! You have inside pockets too! Three separate compartments, so everything isn't smashed together in a big mushy mess at your bottom! I can actually find what I'm looking for when I unsnap you! And look--there's another zipper pocket inside!
I get really excited about generously-sized purses that have dividers inside. Huge bags with no dividers act as a giant black hole that sucks in your life {and your keys, and your wallet, and your list, and your lip gloss, and anything else you could possibly ever want} with no hope of return. Such a poor design--it's one of my pet peeves.
This bag by Sparrow True is exactly what I was looking for this winter. I'm really into faux distressed leather for some reason. I'm sure if I had the money I'd be into real distressed leather, too. ;-) It's just perfectly slouchy and casually dressed up; perfect for work and for date night.
I like you, pursey!


  1. cute post!
    love the "I have a stud too... " hehe

    I adore bags with dividers too so much better for keeping your handbag organzied :)

  2. Yay for the perfect pursey!!! :)

    SO cute. (You and it. And your words.)

  3. Very snazzy - love all the pockets and places for things! :)