Wednesday, January 19, 2011

{ There's No Place Like Home }

This week, I've been craving:
breadsticks from The Pizza Factory
pizza from Chatterbox
Oh, those breadsticks!! I can eat an entire order of them by myself {and I have!}.
I've never tasted breadsticks like those anywhere else.
What kind of pizza would I get?
The White Rooster?
The Hula Hog?
The Happy Hunter?
It's funny that, surrounded by probably hundreds of eateries within a five-mile radius, I crave food from two restaurants hundreds of miles away, literally in the boondocks, where my family lives. Hopefully next time we make a trip to Idaho, I can introduce Mike to Pizza Factory breadsticks. The Pizza Factory brings back so many memories: birthday parties, extended family gatherings, dates with girlfriends, late-night dinner "in town" {a really big deal when we were kids}--it's even the spot where I first met a few of my cousins' babies {obviously it's a popular eatery in my family!}. And we can take my family out to lunch at the Chatterbox and add our signatures to the corrugated metal wall. I wonder if I can find my signature from a few years back, before I was married?


  1. I crave both of those places at least on a weekly basis! Oooooh now I am hungry!