Tuesday, August 13, 2013

{ Swimmin' }

This kid...she loves the water.
We have access to three pools at our condo complex, but we had never ever dipped so much as a toe in any of them--until this summer. Auntie Amaryah gave Lainie the cutest {ohmygosh it is SO CUTE} bathing suit for her birthday, and I bought her a little kiddie float thingamajig, and one day I took her to the closest pool.
She wasn't scared, even a little bit.  We've become regular visitors, us two lily-white girls both with cute little poochy tummies, and sometimes we even drag Daddy {or Grandma, when she was visiting for Amaryah's wedding} to the pool with us.

:: Sometimes...you just need to take a rest. ::

:: with Grandma ::

It's amazing to me how much Lainie enjoys being in the water. I'm a doggie-paddler, not a swimmer...so it's safe to say Lainie got this trait from her daddy. ;-) She's happy to hang out in her float, or in my arms. She loves to chase her ball around, but most of all she likes to watch other kids in the pool. Sometimes when I'm holding her, she stretches out on her tummy and kicks her legs. And after awhile, she points to the steps and we get out and walk back to our chair and she eats snacks and then she usually wants to walk around and explore for awhile...and then of course, it's time to get back in the water. I didn't realize how much of a water baby she is until I saw other babies her age who don't like being in the pool at all.
But don't you worry, Aunt Amaryah. That bathing suit is getting lots of use.


  1. My. goodness. is that suit *ever* cute - she's like a little Minnie Mouse! Enjoy swimming, it is a great way to savour summer!

  2. Zach is that opposite child. He hates the water unless it is really warm. Forget the river!! Only the bathtub for him.

    1. Well I probably should mention...the pool is heated. :-) I think it's supposed to be kept at something like 83 degrees! So it is very comfortable. I bet Zach would like a heated pool, and Lainie would be horrified at how cold the river is.