Tuesday, August 27, 2013

{ Slices of Summer, Part II }

:: Family date after church ~ ferry ride to Kingston ::

:: Fascinated by the wake ::

:: She ALWAYS gets this distracted by airplanes--she loves 'em! ::


:: A recent date night {date date night} included a trip to Fainting Goat Gelato ::

:: Mike had mango habanero and raspberry, I had lemon grisbi and honey lavender ~ so delicious! ::
:: Baby loves milkshakes, too ::

:: Who knew this face happens when you put her in a leotard with rhinestones and a tulle skirt? ::

:: Or this pose... ::

:: Or that our little photoshoot would end in such sorrow! ::
:: Saturday stroll with Daddy ::

:: "I heard a boat! Or an airplane! OVER THERE!" ::
Summer's not over yet, but this post is plenty long!


  1. Love all the darling photos!!! Mercy {still} loves airplanes and helicopters! I'm afraid she's going to want to be a pilot! lol =)
    Completely laughed out loud on Lainie's leotard and tutu photoshoot... she seems like such a ham! =)
    And wow... that gelato sounds exotic! How fun!!! I need to blog about our summer too... maybe someday this winter when life slows down and it's cold outside and I remember that I didn't get a chance to blog about summer! Hehe =) Thanks for sharing... I just LOVE reading about your little (and growing!) family; brings such cheer to my days!

  2. Beautiful photos! You have a lovely family!

  3. Oh, the pose! That gave me a good chuckle - she is so animated! I can't believe she is walking and looking just so much like a little girl, what a sweetheart.