Thursday, March 7, 2013

{ Second Cousins }

Part II of Adventures in Idaho ~ January 2013 edition

Did you know that second cousins and first cousins once removed mean the same thing? {At least as far as I can tell from the definitions Google provided!}

That's what Zach and Lainie are: His daddy Andrew is my cousin.

These two little punkins were due only two days apart, and while they do share a whole horde of relatives who dote on them both, they also have quite a few differences:

Zach was born on his due date; Lainie was 16 days early, which means their birthdays are not only 18 days apart, but in different months!
Zach has four older sisters; Lainie's a "lonely only" so far
Zach is growing up in a house on a hilltop farm in Idaho; Lainie lives in a third-story condo in Washington with a tiny balcony instead of a yard
Zach loves tummy time; Lainie hates it

:: proof ::

Zach is a chunky little monkey--he outweighs Lainie by a few pounds--while she is petite
Zach is a social fellow who loves company and prefers a houseful of people to being home alone with his mama; Lainie loves being home, prefers mommy over everyone else, and gets easily overwhelmed with lots of people

It was so fun to watch these two interact! The following is an actual series of photos I took the first afternoon they hung out.

I can't wait to see how this friendship develops over time!!

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  1. We didn't grow up having close cousins... it's so fascinating to see my kids (so far) having this opportunity! I hope these two are great friends! I know Mercy loves hanging out with her "bends" (friends/cousins)!!! I hope it continues for us and yours =)