Tuesday, March 12, 2013

{ Fambly }

Part III of the trip Lainie and I took to Idaho in January

:: just chillin' with my cousin Christy ::

:: fashion show courtesy of {L-R} Emily, Eli, Audrey, and Charlotte ::

:: second cousin Cecily {I so clearly remember when Cecily was Lainie's size!!} ::

:: second cousin Vivi ::
:: first snow--on a walk with Mama and Grandma ::

:: talking to great-uncle Ernie ::

:: standing with Grandma ::

:: loves from second cousin Audrey ::

:: chattin' with Grams ::
{note: the only reason there are so few photos of my mom is because I know how much she hates--hates--having photos of her publicized. Thinks she's not photogenic. It's not that I didn't take them, it's just that she wouldn't want me to put them on the internets.}

:: first kitchen sink baths ::

:: fun with my cousin Julie ::

:: lunch with uncle Joe--he's not really as frightening {nor is Lainie as shocked} as appearances suggest! ::


  1. Lots of family love - so sweet!

  2. Awww, all the pictures (including the ones of your sweet mom! =) are soooo melt-the-heart adorable!!! Looks like you two girls had a GOOD time over here! =)