Friday, January 11, 2013

{ What I Think About Food, by Lainie Rae }

Mommy and Daddy eat lots of amazing things that I really, really want to eat, too. For example, barbeque sauce!! Even the bottle looks delicious! But they won't let me touch it. Same goes for lots of other yummy-looking things: pens, books, vaseline, chicken nuggets...
If I'm in the mood for a light snack, tags and straps are the best. I love my dolly's tag. I chew on it for hours. Same with my Bumbo straps...delish! I think Mommy knows how tasty straps are, because she puts me in my Bumbo every day now. It's gonna make me fat. LOL.
One day Mommy put me in my high chair, which incidentally is the most uncomfortable place in the world, and put a banana on my tray. I checked it out very carefully. When I chewed on it some of it broke off in my mouth and--oops!--I swallowed it. That was unpleasant. Conclusion: Kinda sticky and overall gross.
The next day Mommy put me in the high chair again and gave me something she called "sweet potatoes." They are awful. Super slimy, and they get all over! Me, the high chair, that crinkly bib...I tried and tried to get it off my hands, but sweet potatoes just stick to anything! I got kinda upset. It was really gross to have sticky slimy stuff all over me. By the way, I wonder why they are called "sweet" potatoes...Mommy calls me sweet all the time, and I didn't see anything about those potatoes that seemed like what I thought "sweet" meant. Hmmmmmm...

The next day, Mommy put bell peppers on my tray. They are horrible little stick-y things...cold, too.

There was more: avocados {which are as scary as sweet potatoes, but slimier! Can you believe it?!}, steamed broccoli, pears, and honeydew. Gross gross gross!
And then one time, guess what?? Mommy put some slimy stuff on a spoon and tried to put it in my mouth! No way Jose!! She kept telling me it was tasty, but how would she know? She wasn't eating it! I think she thought I'd be distracted from the soupy stuff because it was on a little pink spoon, but I wasn't. I'm very observant.
Recently there has been a pleasant development: the sippy cup. I loves it. It has weird, clear milk inside, but I don't mind because I can suck it and hold it and chew on it!
Luckily for me, regardless of the crazy stuff Mommy puts on my tray, I can almost always find a strap to chew on. Sometimes it's all that keeps me going in the face of such constant adversity.
I think Mommy is getting tired of having to clean me and my clothes and my chairs so much, because she hasn't given me yucky-squishy-slimy toys for a few days. It's just me, my toys, my straps, and that sippy cup. Yay!
{Edit from Mommy: While Baby Girl's disgust at edible toys is simultaneously amusing and a little discouraging, she's still getting all the nutrition she needs from nursing, as evidenced by her continual chunking up. Her pediatrician says some babies take longer to get used to the idea of eating and the new tastes and textures involved, so we're going to wait a week or two and give it another shot.}


  1. Her expressions are the BEST! ;) Loved the Lainie commentary.

  2. Hilarious! How fun to watch her discover new things (even if she is not so crazy about them!)

  3. I like the look in the last picture. So does Marc.