Friday, December 28, 2012


Dear Miss Peanut,
It's hard for me to believe, but yesterday you turned six months old! How can it possibly be half a year since you were born?!
Here are the stats from your six-month checkup today:
Weight: 14 pounds, 4 ounces {16th percentile}
Height: 26 inches {53rd percentile}
Head Circumference: 17 inches {83rd percentile}
You are quite proficient at rolling from tummy-to-back as well as back-to-tummy. Tummy time is still high on your list of Least Favorite Things to Do, but you're a champ at push-ups. That big ol' noggin of yours is pretty heavy, though, and it often lists to one side...and then over onto your back you go!
You are really good at sitting up with a little support. You hold yourself quite steady, but can't quite sit up alone yet.

:: I call this your "jaunty pose" ::
Sometimes you like sitting in the Bumbo, and sometimes you really really don't. Here's another example of that head tilt I talked about--it's just such a heavy thing to hold up, isn't it?

In the last couple of weeks, you discovered your feet, and you LOVE to chew on your toesies. Those bulky cloth diapers make it really difficult to get your feet to your mouth, so every time I change your diaper, POOF you grab your right foot and shove it in your mouth and start talking about how much you love it. Cutest thing!
You smile all.the.time....but especially for Mama.
You are very quiet and observant when we are with other people.
You have become very attached to Mama and Daddy, to the point where you often burst into tears if someone else holds you {even when you can still see one of us!}. I've heard that separation anxiety is a normal, healthy development at this stage, but it's awfully difficult to see you cry so hard when anyone else holds you.

:: I couldn't resist the "My first Christmas" outfit! ::

:: playing with measuring spoons ::
In the last month or so, you have decided that a bottle is an unacceptable way to eat. At first we thought it was just because you had some new babysitters, but then you refused a bottle from Grandma Mandy--your most frequent babysitter--for the whole five hours Daddy and I were at the Messiah! Fiddlesticks. This may definitely put a crimp in our date nights, but soon you'll be onto solid foods and that may be our saving grace.
In the last two weeks, you've started waving back when people wave at you. You're very shy about it, which makes it all the more endearing!
You are always super happy when you wake up on your own.

:: helping Daddy with his Bible study ::
You still like being carried in the Ergo--you little snuggle bunny!
You entertain yourself in the carseat now, often not fussing at all when we're out running errands. Glory hallelujah!!
You sleep like a champ. Putting you down for naps is a breeze, and while you always fuss at bedtime, when you finally fall asleep, you only wake up to eat once {between 3 and 4am} and then sleep till 8 or 9am. Bliss.

:: sporting a hat from Aunt Peggy ::
Much to our surprise and delight, on Christmas you seemed to grasp the concept of unwrapping gifts and would grab the paper and pull. It was so much fun to help you unwrap your presents!
:: Helping Daddy read one of the World Vision gift cards from Grandma and Grandpa Duck. They gave money to help care for an orphan in your honor! ::

Remember in the Anne of Green Gables books, how Anne wanted to have violet eyes? When you wear this purple onesie, your eyes really truly look violet-colored. You are so stunning, baby girl!
And now...the hat.
I wanted to get you an animal hat for Christmas, and when I found this pink owl hat on Etsy, I knew it was meant to be on your head. I'm not sure what you think of it, but you look so stinkin' cute wearing it!!

:: notice the high-waisted granny jeans! ::

Ohhhhh, Baby Bug, I could just eat you up!!
Grandma Mandy gave you a gorgeous navy blue holiday dress. It's satin and velvet and has bows and a crinkly tulle underskirt and it's the fanciest dress you've ever had. You wore it for Christmas Eve with Grandpa Dan, Grandma Mandy, Auntie Mar, and Lawrence, and my-oh-my did you look lovely!

:: Daddy with his princess ::

You love to touch faces and give big, open-mouthed, slobbery kisses.
You blow bubbles and suck on your lower lip and chew anything you can get in your mouth.
We celebrated Christmas with Daddy's family this year. You were a trooper for the super long day, even taking a couple naps {short ones} in the pack 'n' play. You enjoyed opening gifts, playing with your new toys, and smiling at everybody. Especially Lawrence.

:: helping Mommy unwrap one of your presents ::

:: this hat is too much cuteness!! you look like a little Ewok! ::

:: chillaxin' with Daddy ::
We celebrated your actual six-month birthday by letting you try a banana. You watch us closely when we eat, so I figured you would be all over a tasty, squishy new "toy."
Not so...not so at all. As a matter of fact, after the first minute or two, you seemed downright annoyed to be stuck in the Bumbo with Mommy and Daddy grinning at you and making fools of themselves trying to get you interested in the banana. You briefly examined the banana, tried to pick it up a couple times, stuck it in your mouth and gnawed a little once, and then you were over it.
:: "They seriously think I'm gonna put this in my mouth?!" ::
Oh well. We'll try again soon, maybe with something more exciting like an avocado or mango!
 Six months old is so much fun--we love you lotsies, Lainie Rae!


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  1. Happy 6 months Lainie-girl! Those hats and her pretty Christmas dress are just the sweetest. Love the photo of the 3 of you too!