Tuesday, December 11, 2012

{ Help, My Fingers are Stuck Together! }

My glue gun and I have been busy during naptime.
Don't kid yourself...it's taken me over a week to finish these two super easy, super fast crafts. And that's even with leaving dirty dishes piled on the counter and little bits of leaves and grass stuck in the carpet for days. Never take for granted all the free time you have before babies--even if it doesn't seem like much, it is PURE GOLD! Even if it's only 15 minutes at a time!
First off, we have a book page wreath {tutorial here}. I was itching to do a new wreath, and have been toying with how to fill up the blank space on this wall for awhile. I tore apart on old wreath and used the wreath form, and I already had an old thrifted copy of Little Women that was torn up from a previous project. I used a red satin flower from the old wreath {tutorial here} and made a green felt flower {tutorial here} to add some festive flair. The only thing I had to buy was more glue sticks for the glue gun!

 Next up, wine cork coasters. Mike and I have saved the corks from most of the wine bottles we've opened since our dating days. Some are displayed in vintage canning jars, but the collection is starting to get a little out of hand. We're always short on coasters when we have guests, so I whipped these up in a jiffy. They are plenty big enough for even a giant coffee mug to rest comfortably. and they are surprisingly stable. It was fun to pick out the most visually interesting corks and arrange them so that the ones with bigger patterns were on the outside, so more of the cork "art" is visible on the finished coaster.
You can see the glue up close, but I don't really care. I'm also not sure how well they will hold up, especially with repeated exposure to hot beverages. A tutorial I saw online said you HAVE to use crazy glue, NOT hot glue, but I tried that and the corks refused to stick together. Go figure.
Christmas is only two weeks away! Can you believe it? I'm guessing these will be the only "Christmas" crafts I do this year, but that's okay because in a condo this small, it doesn't take much "stuff" to decorate for the holidays!
What have you been making lately?


  1. Hi Nikki! Pretty wreath! We have been making pink baby things for when Ryan and Diana come at Christmas. We are going to have a little shower for Diana. Sarah made burp cloths, Rachel made a tied pink fleece blanket, and I made a pretty little dress. Now we are making dried soup mixes and white chocolate bark for friends. I also took seeds I harvested from flowers growing on my deck and made little seed packets to slip into some cards. Rachel and I knitted some scarves with this new yarn called Sashay~~it twists as you knit it. I think that's it for now! Enjoy your baby! She will grow up fast and you will be crafting with her before you know it!

    1. Ryan and Diana are having a baby?! I didn't know! How wonderful that they get to come home for Christmas! I love your Christmas gift ideas. I think it sounds lovely to give only homemade gifts at Christmas, but realistically that may not be doable until all the babies are older. Honestly it sounds really stressful this year! But I'm going to tuck this away in my mental file for the future :-)

  2. Cute projects! You are an inspiration getting these done in one week with a little one around! I would love to have some crafti-ness on the go, but with a busy school schedule the only thing I've really made time for is helping Neal craft some Star Wars snowflakes for his desk! lol

    Hope you are all well, xo

    1. Those Star Wars snowflakes are amazing!! It took me awhile to decide they are real and not a cool graphic...must require a lot of very precise, tiny cuts!