Friday, November 9, 2012

{ Quiet }

Five Minute FridayIt looks like that random morning when the baby sleeps till 10:30am.

It looks like those 15 minutes when she magically entertains herself without getting bored.

It looks like driving home from church, holding hands with the Mr., while she naps in the carseat.

It looks like 2am feedings, when we are both probably more asleep than awake.


There's more of it than you'd expect in a house with a four-month-old.

But it's still hard to protect, to use properly, to cherish. I'm tempted to fill every moment with silly songs and peek-a-boo and narrating my every action to the little girl glued to me with her eyes.

I had no idea what a gift quiet is. How hard it would be to snatch a few moments with You now that I'm a mama.

I don't want to fill all these moments with laundry, dishes, grocery lists, a quick phone call to catch up with a friend. I want You to be my first choice in the still moments. You to be my first choice for an "adult" conversation. You. I want to find You in the quiet.

If I don't choose to spend time with You, will she? If she doesn't see You incarnated in my life, how will she know You?

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  1. Soooo with you on both finding and protecting the Quiet & time with Jesus. Lainie is lucky to have a mama who loves Him like you do!