Tuesday, November 27, 2012

{ Five Months }

I can't believe she's five months old today. She is a treasure. So much joy.

She is constant ribbons of drool spilling from that rosebud mouth.

She is bouncy, bouncy, bouncy.

She is Daddy's little sidekick, big enough for a little rough-and-tumble in her games with us.

She is half-crabwalking {moving her legs to propel her headfirst or in circles}.

She is my Little Bitty Pretty One, and we dance to the Bobby Day version of that song almost daily.

She has a big bald spot on the back of her head and sports little bows held on with corn syrup.

She is squawking a lot as she tries out new sounds.

She is a frequent spitter-upper and major manufacturer of dirty laundry.

She is quiet and mellow when she wakes up...until she sees me, and then she glows and grins and squeaks happy.

She is wide grins full of gums, and chewing on everything she can reach. Hands. Clothes. Bibs. Toys. My hands. My face. The Ergo. But mostly Sophie the Giraffe.

She is still most unappreciative of tummy time.

She is refusing to take a bottle from babysitters {except Grandma and Grandpa}.

She is a night owl who stubbornly sticks to the belief that bedtime is at 10:30pm--but I can't complain because she sleeps 10-12 hours every night.

She stares at our mouths, transfixed, as we eat, drool cascading from pouty lips.

She loves to talk and kick and roll during diaper changes.

She is finally fitting in the hot pink jeggings from Aunt Nan!

She sucks and chews on her tongue and lower lip...so funny when she mutters as she does, because it makes her look like she's thinking really, really hard about what she's "saying."

She is a happy bath-taker.

She is impatient with books and loves to touch faces.

She is a frequent napper--usually not awake more than two hours before she falls apart.

She is getting better at entertaining herself in the carseat...but when she hates it, she hates it.

She is an occasional thumb-sucker, but generally prefers two fingers.

She is too long for 0-3 month one-piece outfits: her legs stick out the bottom and her shoulders are too tall.

She is not a big fan of the Bumbo.

:: how she generally feels about having her picture taken ::
{note the "Little Peanut Miss" onesie--a handmade gift from this friend}
:: how she generally feels about the Bumbo ::
She has slightly thicker hair now and that one wild two-inch hair in her cowlick that sticks up like an antenna after baths!

She is soft squishy cheeks and long-fingered hands and the most expressive eyebrows ever.

Her first five months could have looked so different. But they haven't. They've been "normal," if there is such a thing--beautiful and hard and exhausting and full of more joy and love than I knew possible. Grace upon grace has colored our days and filled our hearts and hands to overflowing. Five months.

We love you so much, Elaina Rae!
Happy Five Month Birthday!


  1. Miss Lainie Rae, you are growing up MUCH too fast and I can't believe I haven't met you yet. Sniff :( So glad she's fitting into her bright pink pants! Darling! The outfit she's wearing on her tummy is one KG has, too. I love it and am sad it's too small now. How fun that she can be rough and tumbled with now. I love when they got strong/solid enough for that :) You, Nikki, look GREAT! Miss you!

    1. Thanks, Ann! It makes me so sad that you haven't met her yet...one of these days...you wouldn't think opposite sides of the state are so far apart, but with littles that drive looks appalling. :-/ Miss you too!!

  2. Cute pics, and you look great too Nikki!

  3. Happy 5 months little Lainie Rae! So sweet to get this glimpse into your days with her :)

    1. If she could tell you "thank you" I'm sure she would--but right now everything sounds like baby dinosaur talk :-)

  4. Ohhh so happy to see Lainie fits in the onesie!!! She is such a cutie pie... love all the stories about her! ;) And "baby dinosaur talk"?! Perfect description... Jace has started that up a lot the past week! I am delighting in it! =)