Thursday, November 8, 2012

{ #Blessed }

I never want to forget:
How blessed I am.
That this is my view.
That my baby girl is healthy.
That she didn't spend the first few months of her life in the hospital.
That she had a record-breaking short hospital stay and lightning-fast recovery.
That her life, and mine, could have looked anything but "normal."

Even the nights when I feel like she will never.fall.asleep...I have a healthy baby crying lustily in her own crib. She's alive. She's strong. Her lungs and diaphragm are clearly in perfect working order. I am so, so blessed to have a baby at home who would rather stay awake and play with me than sleep--even if she cries and doesn't fall asleep for hours. She could be hospitalized. She could need major help breathing. She could have significant lung problems. She could have long-term digestive tract problems.
She doesn't.
She could still be living at Children's Hospital.
She isn't.
Today was sunny and mild, so we walked up and down the beach. She was mesmerized by the waves. She was unimpressed with the ferry. She stared at little boys feeding stale bread to noisy seagulls. She licked the Ergo nonstop.

May I never lose sight of the incredible, innumerable gifts we've been given.
May I never take a moment with this precious girl for granted.
May I never forget what could have been.
Thank you, Jesus, for what is. We don't deserve it.

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  1. This is so sweet, and it reminds me again of the power of prayer. Your thankfulness is a blessing!