Monday, January 16, 2012

{ These Days }

On Saturday, it snowed. First snow of the winter.

We were at a parenting conference that morning, Paul Tripp teaching about the family as a theological learning community and heart-motives and sin and grace and discipline, and at the conclusion we stepped into the foyer and saw through the glass doors--snow!

It's long overdue, and I'm fully enjoying it...though my perspective must be taken with a grain of salt, because I don't have to drive to work on icy roads. I'm so glad of that. I've dreamed of this winter for years, actually; of seeing snowfall and not dreading black ice and careless drivers and what if I get called in to work during a snowstorm? For someone who frets and worries, as I'm prone to do, winter weather became just one more thing to worry about after I got a job and a pager. Snow just meant getting to and from work was dangerous and time-consuming, and work itself would be crazy because we'd be short-staffed.

In short, this is a day I have longed for. It's pure luxury. Winter wonderland outside, sweatpants and cozy socks and hot chai inside. Because I don't have to leave home to work. The decadence!! Thank you Jesus--thank you Mike! It feels extravagant, superfluous, like too be home and unworried on a snowy weekday. And then I remember that since I don't have to be anywhere, Mike drove my car to work {it has studded tires} and I feel even happier. This really is quite a day!

Besides snow, we've been busy this weekend. The parenting conference I mentioned was phenomenal. So many times, I was confronted with my own sin and need for Jesus' grace, my own vast incompetence to raise a child. Yet each time this was met with hope--Jesus has not left us alone in this monumental task of shaping a child's heart. He is with us every step of the way, and equips us with all that we need to parent in a godly way. So hard, yet so encouraging.

On Saturday afternoon, I accompanied a friend to the peninsula to interview a caterer for her upcoming wedding. I haven't done much exploring on the peninsula, and it was a gorgeous, sunny afternoon {in spite of the fact that it was snowing across the water}, so it was the perfect road trip: good conversation, lots of laughter, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge {a first!}, Port Orchard {another first!}, a delicious lunch, and of course lots of wedding talk. We also stopped by the wedding site in Port Gamble, which has been one of my favorite spots ever since I first went there a few years ago. I can't resist--look at the church where they're going to get married!

Isn't the interior gorgeous?!

Sunday was full to the brim: first church, then brunch with Mike's family to celebrate his mom's birthday. I know it may not seem like much, but by the time we got home at 3:30 that afternoon, I was so tired that I took a two-hour nap. The nausea is getting better, but the days where I take a nap are so much better than the days where I try to power through!

And just because it may be our one-and-only snow this winter, a couple more photos I took this afternoon.

I love the lampposts scattered around the complex. They make me think of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe!

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  1. Happy Winter! We have it now too - it held off for an unusually long period of time this year (which I am quite thankful for!).

    That little church is simply breathtaking - what a darling place to get married!