Tuesday, January 24, 2012

{ Just a small leak }

At this very moment, on a blustery January night in Washington state, it is approximately 74 degrees in our home. Why, you ask? Because we're drying out a wall, I say.

Last week's snow was fantastic. I loved every minute of it--every single minute. I was so sad on Friday, when rain began pouring down on top of all that snow. I don't think there is a sadder way for snow to "die" than to be rained to death. It's just sad and ugly. Snow should melt, of its own accord, into springtime creeks and crocuses. It shouldn't be pelted into mush by a rainstorm.

On Friday night, I was scurrying about getting ready for Mike to pick me up for our Bible study group's happy hour at a local eatery. I pulled the drapes shut over the sliding glass door in the living room, and gasped. One curtain was halfway soaked, all the way to the floor. I pulled it away from the wall, and saw

a very large bubble beneath the paint.
I prodded it. Soft. Water.
I looked up.

See that big bubble on the ceiling?
And another one high up on the wall?
And all the little bubbles further down the wall?

And how the lower curtain rod is falling over, because the drywall it was formerly attached to is now the consistency of oatmeal?

Just look at that sucker!

We did go to happy hour {don't worry, I had iced tea}, though I was somewhat alarmed and preoccupied by my discovery {and certainly wished for something stronger than iced tea!}. When we got home, we took a bunch of photos, drained nasty water out of that bottom pocket, and Mike emailed the homeowners' association. The next day, a guy came out to assess the damage, and his little moisture meter found this wall to be 42% moisture. Holy smokes! It appears the cause is that snow got under the flashing {whatever that is}, melted very quickly, and made a leak {at least that's the gist of it}. And praise the Lord, this falls under the responsibility of the homeowners' association, not us personally!

So this week I'm kind of a vagabond. Because there might be toxic mold in the walls, and because they'll be bleaching/Kilzing/repainting the damaged areas, it's not really safe for me and Peanut to be at home. Unfortunately the repairs will take a few days--depending on how long it takes to dry out the wall--so Mike is working from home while this gets taken care of. He is a saint. And I get to live at the mall! Woohoo! It's like being ordered by the doctor to shop, right? 
Just kidding. {Seriously, Honey, I'm kidding!}

I'm planning to go to my womens' group tomorrow morning, followed by a trip to TJ Maxx and maybe Target. I am perfectly happy to curl up with a book at a coffee shop, and if Peanut needs a nap, I can go to Mike's parents' house...which is also where we'll be sleeping tomorrow night if our place is still all fume-y.

So this is what home looks like tonight:

A halogen lamp drying the damaged areas + home thermostat set at 73 degrees. {For once, even I think it's nice and toasty in here!} Say a prayer for us that this is resolved quickly, will you? I'll keep you posted.


  1. Oh my goodness!!! That is the craziest 'leak' I have ever seen! So glad it is the homeowner associations problem to fix and not yours - water damage is The Worst. Good thing you caught it quickly and it is being thoroughly looked after. If only we were closer *lol* you could come stay with us! Hope you can keep entertained and that it is all cleaned up and ready to be home again soon.

  2. Or you could come for a little visit here pretty please, until it's all cozy and safe for you and peanut to go home?! Our snow is nicely melting over here. By my word, that leak is the leak to top all other leaks...so thankful that this will be quickly resolved and covered by the homeowners association.

  3. Oh dear! What a blessing it's getting fixed for you.

  4. Looks like we visited you in the nick of time! What an adventure. Have fun away from home staying safe and warm. Hope you're back in your house before long!

  5. OH MY GOODNESS!! Wow, wow, wow. I am so sorry. Although - really relieved for you over the fact that this isn't your financial responsibility. That is HUGE! I imagine that the repairs will not be low dollar...

    And I really like you. You are so cute and witty. I was giggling over this, my favorite quote of the day, ..." I don't think there is a sadder way for snow to "die" than to be rained to death. It's just sad and ugly. Snow should melt, of its own accord, into springtime creeks and crocuses. It shouldn't be pelted into mush by a rainstorm."