Monday, August 29, 2011

{ Slip 'n' Slide }

On Saturday, newlywed friends of ours had a housewarming party {remember Luke and Joanna?}. And this was no ordinary housewarming party: Besides the best chicken kabobs, bratwurst, and chicken hot wings fresh off their new grill, there was a firepit and a slip'n'slide. Yes, you read that right--a whole slew of self-respecting, supposedly grown-up people spent the afternoon playing on a slip'n'slide. It was awesome. Perhaps that's because I don't remember if I ever went on one as a kid? Or because we had to "lube ourselves up" with dish soap prior to hurling our bodies down the plastic runway? I'm not sure.

You might want to get out your sunglasses for the next few pictures. We Pacific Northwesterners are painfully white-skinned. Seriously, in bright sunlight you have to squint.

I love this sequence of Mike + Michael sliding down together!

Joanna, the very soapy lady of the house, ensuring that the track stays well-watered. 

At one point, Michael {not my husband, the other Michael} stood at the end of the track and the guys attempted to go through his legs.

Then they decided to all go down as fast as they could--a sort of never-ending relay.
It was hilarious.

I tried twice to upload a video of the guys' relay, but blogger hates me and rejected it both times. Arrrrrgh! And in spite of how sore we all are today, and the strange bruises/grass burns/various injuries we sustained, it all just goes to're never too old for a slip'n'slide.

P.S. And I haven't even mentioned the absolutely divinely delicious spread that invited me to eat myself to oblivion! Joanna is a culinary genius: I'd never even heard of watermelon feta salad with balsamic vinegar, but that did not stop me from eating two large platefuls of it. And I had four helpings of the peach-mango-nectarine salsa, then just stood in front of the bowl and finished off two bags of chips {they were nearly empty already} by dipping them into the salsa. Gluttony, I tell you. But such delicious gluttony it was!

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  1. I must file away the adult slip and slide idea! Hysterical!