Tuesday, August 23, 2011

{ Potato-Leek Pizza }

 Last night I made The Pioneer Woman's potato-leek pizza.
Let me tell you, it is uh-mazing.
Unfortunately for those of you who do not yet own her cookbook, the recipe isn't on her website. And though I know that with my itsy bitsy blog I can't begin to put a dent in P-Dub's empire, I feel kinda....wrong...about posting a recipe of hers that she has chosen not to post online. So no luck Chuck, you're gonna have to buy the cookbook if you want to recreate this dreamy bit of gastrointestinal bliss for yourself.

Please forgive the dreadful lack of natural light in this photo. I make no claims to photographic heights of splendor: I live in a condominium with north-facing windows, shrouded by trees, in the Pacific Northwest, where it has rained approximately 340 days so far this year. {Don't argue with me. It has rained a lot.} And in spite of new kitchen lights that literally make a world of difference for they are no longer fluorescent, praise the Lord!, it is still dang difficult to take good pictures of food. But let me assure you, your tastebuds careth not what sort of light ye be in when once they taste this pizza.
Go make pizza. Put potatoes on it. You'll be glad you did.


  1. Yum, I was just going page by page in her cookbook last night with Addison...naming all the unnamed animals Betsy. I had just made her pizza crust which is my standby pizza crust now. I checked out the potato pizza (which I've had at a restaurant - potato pizza) but never made myself. Alas, we didn't have those ingredients but I did make a yummy sausage, caramelized onion and mascarpone variety! Mascarpone is my faaaavorite cheese to put on pizza! Did you know (I'm sure you do, being such a fan and all...)that she has a Food Network show coming out like next week? I'm so excited!

    And I enjoyed reading your camping post about La Push but was aghast that you made no mention of the Twilight connection! You must not be a fan of that series as you spend all your time reading Pioneer Woman!

    Now for all of you readers that do not know me...this is laced with sarcasm - okay? And a little silliness...

  2. LOL, love that Addison names everything Betsy!

    I'm intimidated by yeast breads and have never made pizza crust--I've started getting the refrigerated stuff from WinCo (it's under $2/batch), and it's actually really good! I've never thought of mascarpone on pizza, but it sounds divine! Thanks for the tip! Yes, I know about PW's cooking show (Saturday!), but we don't have a TV period, let alone cable, so I'm hoping they put it online. Or that I develop friendships with people who DVR it and have viewing parties....I have a feeling you may be one of these people???

    And we DID actually go to Forks. It was approximately a one-minute detour. I am proud to say that I still can't remember which one is Jacob and which is Edward. ;-)

  3. Interesting thought to put potatoes on pizza - though I don't doubt it's a-mazing (as are all of PW's recipes!) Have to try that next time!