Wednesday, April 13, 2011

{ Mrs. Mike }

A few weeks ago I received an excited-but-mysterious message from Courtney. The gist of it was, "I found something at an estate sale that's perfect for you! Give me your address so I can send it!" If you know Courtney, if you've been to her house, if you've visited her etsy shop or seen her booth at Farm Chicks, you know that her eye for perfectly sweet + vintage is impeccable. {My chalkboard window? From Courtney's Farm Chicks booth.}

I had no idea what Courtney could possibly be talking about. When her package arrived in the mail, I tore it open and--Mike can testify to this--emitted a very loud, high-pitched squeal upon recognizing the contents:

First edition--1947!!

Let's take a closer look at the image on the front cover:

Mrs. Mike  is one of my favorite books of all time. I read it as a teenager and positively swooned over the true story of a 16-year-old Boston girl traveling to the Canadian frontier in search of a better climate for her health. Her romance and marriage with Mike Flannigan, a Canadian Mountie, and their vivid, sometimes heartbreaking life at his remote northern outposts is absolutely gripping. While Mike and I were dating, the idea of perhaps someday being his Mrs. Mike made my heart flutter...and when I was thinking of a name for my blog, Mrs. Mike was the obvious choice. I've wanted to read it aloud with Mike for such a long time...and now I can!

Thank you, Courtney! You were right: it's perfect.


  1. lol! That is so awesome! :) It is a great little book, and how special to have a first edition!

  2. Oh Nikki, I can only imagine your glee over such a treasure! Courtney is so amazing at giving the perfect gift...
    So excited for you to have that lovely 1st edition copy and to get to read to your own dear Mr Mike. xo

  3. NO WAY, that is incredible. Courtney is pretty amazing!

  4. You know, I never really looked past the title so I didn't even notice the sweet picture of the couple! And I love that you know the book and have read it! Who would have thought...meant to be yours!

  5. That is so cool!I am going to have to find it and read it now. I love the picture on the front. What a special gift...;o)

  6. This is great news. THAT book! You didn't tell me a minute ago. But that's you! surprise surprise. Good gift to have precious-gal-friends-in Jesus. Mother thinks so.
    confident hope

  7. Love in a cold climate. I would call this book an old-fashioned love story. That means it is well crafted, full of the personal delights and agonies of the young heroine; its ending is inevitable -- no surprises there. It is full of heart breaking episodes and noble sentiments, but it was the sentimentality that in the end made me rush to finish the book.