Sunday, December 20, 2009

{ Nutcracker and Sweets }

Mike's sweet mother wanted to take Amaryah (Mike's sister) and I to see the Nutcracker Ballet this year. Tickets are pricey, we three are all busy girlies and the pieces weren't quite falling into place. Until Amaryah's boyfriend (who conveniently works in wholesale ticketing) gave us tickets to the ballet. And what tickets they were: Center section, four rows from the stage!

I can't begin to describe the giddiness of being so close to the orchestra pit; the beautiful costumes; Maurice Sendak's amazing sets; so many talented dancers! I especially loved the smallest ballerinas (what do you call a male ballet dancer, anyway? A ballerino?), the 6-9 year olds who played mice and soldiers and nutcrackers. So cute. The music was many familiar movements in the completely new-and-dazzling setting of a live ballet performance. I realized that I really, really want a piano. I miss playing.

What made me chuckle, though, was the conductor. He was probably in his 30's-40's. Apparently he has a very stubborn cowlick on the back of his head...because there was an alfalfa sprout of hair sticking straight up for the entire evening. I think part of why this makes me grin is the sheer fact that we were close enough to see the conductor's hair!
Afterward we went to The Cheesecake Factory for appetizers, desserts, and drinks. Mandy (mom-in-law) and I had never been there, and it was amazing!!! I've been hungry for cream cheese crab wontons, vietnamese shrimp spring rolls, fried zucchini, and all the mysterious dipping sauces ever since.

It was such a fun, girly evening! Dressing up, going to a performance, admiring all the other dressed-up people, perhaps the start of a new tradition--it was delightful!

Tonight Mister and I are making oreo truffles (courtesy of Jessica) and my Grandma Violet's soda cracker candy, listening to Christmas carols, enjoying our Christmas lights, and "working" right next to each other on our respective laptops. :-) It's a decidedly satisfying and relaxing way to spend the Monday of Christmas week.

I'll try to post again before Christmas, but sometimes things Merry Christmas, everyone!


  1. What Fun!
    Sounds magical!
    Thanks for sharing the pics and I think I love your shoes!!!??
    I cant tell very well in the picture,but I am pretty sure they are adorable;)
    Merry Christmas,darling!!!

  2. What a blissful evening! We wanted to go see the Nutcracker this year so badly, but it kinda fell through...glad I got to read a little bit of your night and the magic that I'm sure it entailed though!
    And the cheesecake factory!! Swoon!!

    merry Christmas and God bless you and yours

  3. :) thank you for your sweet comment. merry
    christmas to you and yours too. i am jealous
    you saw the nutcracker, i haven't seen it in
    years. last fall my husband's parents took us
    to see the lion king on stage and i cried. eight
    times.. i was 6 months pregnant :) xo!