Saturday, December 5, 2009

{ Advent }

I'm so excited to start creating new Christmas traditions with Mr. Mike!!

This is our first Christmas as Mr. & Mrs., and I really wanted us to do Advent. My family has used a variety of calendars, devotionals, etc. to celebrate Advent, and I think it's a wonderful way to keep the focus of your holiday activities on Jesus. In spite of this, I didn't have a whole lot of knowledge about the specifics of Advent traditions....which is how we ended up with four white candles and one red, instead of three purple, one rose, and one white. I don't mind though--I like the red + white look better anyway!

I love sitting in front of the fireplace mantle with my husband and reading Scripture together with the flicker of candlelight before us.

I also love this Advent muffin tin! I found this idea on Jessica's blog two years ago and tucked it away as a delightful idea for when I'm married. It's so simple: A 24-count mini muffin tin, adhesive magnets to attach your beautiful handmade tags to the tin, and in each cup a sweet little suggestion to help make the season merry + bright. The suggestions aren't very involved, since the last thing I wanted to do was make it another task we felt obligated to complete--just fun, easy ways to focus on enjoying the Christmas season. I had so much fun browsing through my favorite scrapbook store for sweet Christmas-y papers and embellishments! I won't tell you each day's suggestion, since Husband reads this, but here's what we've done so far:

December 1 ~ Put up Christmas lights! (we didn't actually do that till Saturday)

December 2 ~ Enjoy peppermint bark in your lunch today

December 3 ~ Find mistletoe....XOXO

December 4 ~ Go to Wight's Nursery to admire the lights + buy an ornament for our first Christmas as Mr. + Mrs.

December 5 ~ Find a recipe for spiked eggnog, then make it

December 6 ~ Let the Christmas shopping begin!

I hope your Christmas season is proving full of wonder and joy!


  1. How fun! I've seen those advent muffin tins and think they are so super adorable!! I might have to give it a try next year. I love doing advent with the boys, last year I made them a Christmas tree Calender inspired by pottery barn kids'...mine doesn't look as nice lol But advent is such a great way to really get into the spirit of Christmas!! I really hope your guys' first Christmas as Mr and Mrs is magical + wonderful in every way!! What a special time for you two!!

  2. Hi Nikki! I'm so excited that you have a blog. I have been toying with the idea of starting one. Enjoy your first Christmas together! I love your advent countdown.

  3. we love our muffin tin advent calendar... :) and I also love your little blog.

    So much. Have I told you that?