Friday, May 10, 2013

{ Five Minute Friday: Comfort }

Joining the many writing for Five Minute Friday, linking up at Lisa-Jo's blog. This week's prompt: Comfort.

Freshly vacuumed carpet. A bed that's made. A good book and a cup of coffee laced with cream and sugar. My mom's macaroni and cheese, or new potatoes and peas. A sunny afternoon at the park. A bookstore. Catching up with friends--those conversations that last for hours, feel like minutes, and leave you with a tummy ache from all the laughing. These things are like a long, slow, exhale. They make me feel safe. Relaxed. They're comforting.

My husband's idea of comfort is often quite different from mine. A cheeseburger or a steak--medium rare, please. A cold glass of beer. Snuggling on the couch, feet up, watching his favorite TV shows on Hulu. Playing pool or smoking a cigar with friends.

For Lainie, I'm pretty sure "comfort" means a nice long snuggle while she drinks mama-milk. Not having a diaper change. Mommy or daddy's undivided attention. Unlimited yogurt and scrambled eggs.

It's one of the things we're learning to balance as a family of three--how to enjoy the small things in life with each other, how to see the world through one another's eyes, how to value another's comfort and enjoyment over our own.



  1. Comforting thoughts. You have a beautiful family!

  2. Love your 'comfort', so blissful! Lovely writing!

  3. Girl, I'm pretty sure we're the same person-comfort wise at least! :) Beautiful post, thank you for sharing!

  4. Love how you've captured how the three of you find comfort and then wrap it up together so beautifully. What a beautiful site and family you have. Many blessings.

  5. So love your heart friend ! So love your writing as I have for many years...and what I wouldn't give to have one of those long uninterrupted heart to heart conversations with you! xo