Thursday, April 18, 2013

{ thirty }

thirty. i've been trying not to think about this birthday, while simultaneously trying to figure out how i'm here already. how i can already be 30 years old. i'm not ashamed of this birthday...truth be told, it doesn't really bother me {yet!}. this morning i realized that in some ways, i'm glad it's here. i think i feel like being thirty years old gives me permission to be me, without any apologies or explanations or sideways glances at the proverbial Joneses to see if i'm keeping up.
thirty is being comfortable in my own skin.
thirty is springing for that overpriced bouquet at the supermarket, because life is too short to live without flowers.
thirty is confidence in my interior design choices.
thirty is a confident, comfortable, damn good-looking wardrobe.
thirty is also wearing sweats all day if i want to.
thirty is speaking up. not being afraid that my voice, my experiences, my struggles, my opinion will be unwelcome.
thirty is realizing that i will probably be tired as long as there are little folks in the house, but that's no reason to drag through the day like it's drudgery.
thirty is embracing the acne, spotty skin, and extra "poufs" that motherhood has given me, and wearing them with pride. i get to be a mama. so many women who want to, can't, and these "scars" are an immeasurable treasure.
thirty is setting my alarm for no reason other than being able to make breakfast for mike before he goes to work.
thirty is spending time with Jesus like never before.
thirty is realizing that Jesus really is all that matters. everything else is so not lasting. but He is!
thirty is letting go of perfection and loving what is.
thirty is short blog posts because i'm a mama.
welcome, thirty. may these years be the best yet.


  1. Welcome to the thirties! It certainly *is* everything you wrote, and I hope this year is a wonderful one for you!

  2. Thanks Nikki! I'm not quite as scared to turn 30 in a few months now :)