Wednesday, February 27, 2013

{ Elaina: Eight Months }

You are

more joy
more wonder
more kissable
more exhaustion

than I ever dreamed imaginable.

Two tiny little pearls betwixt rosebud lips.

Knowing how to play peek-a-boo.

Giving "crying it out" another try--please, sweet Jesus, let it work!!

Excitement so fierce you flap your arms uncontrollably and grin like a fool when Daddy comes home.

:: just chillin' with my Pops ::

Saying Mama--melt my heart!--and other random "a" syllables {we're working on Dada!}.

Trying any food we offer you, and exploring it with gusto. So far you've tried and enjoyed
sweet potato
bell pepper
barbecued ribs
roast beef
hard boiled egg
and others I'm sure I'm forgetting


No more swaddling, which means finding you sleeping in the most adorable positions when I check on you: usually curled on your left side, but sometimes on your tummy or holding a crib slat with one hand.

No swaddling also means one hand is constantly roaming--grabbing, pinching, patting--while we bounce you to sleep.

Unpredictable naps.

Unbridled joy when I walk into your room to get you.

Very interested in watching me do a few signs--all done, milk, and eat. Earlier this week, I thought you might have signed "all done" a couple times, but brushed it off as a fluke. But last night, after eating and playing with the food on your tray, you made eye contact with me and signed "all done!" Way to go, baby girl!!

We've started putting you in the nursery at church on Sundays, and much to our surprise, we only had to come get you early the first week {even then, you lasted over 45 minutes!}. Bravo for you, little girl!

Sitting up by yourself.

Using your tongue and lips to play with your teeth. All. The. Time. It's cute.

Sometimes, when I come in to soothe you when you have trouble falling asleep, I find you sucking your thumb.

You recently moved into size 6 month clothing, but they're already getting snug. I predict you'll be ready for 6-9 months around nine months old {and maybe size 9 months before you're a year?!}.


  1. Lainie, you're such a cutie pie! Baby cheeks are indeed pearls! Sooo kissable!

  2. Love the happy baby smiles and little pearly whites peeking through! xo