Wednesday, July 18, 2012

{ Three Years }

{Note: Contrary to appearances, I did *not* write the previous blog post while in labor! I was at the hospital at the time it was published, but I'd written that post, and this one, a few days earlier. I assumed on our anniversary we'd be at Children's Hospital with Lainie, so I'd better get an anniversary post pre-written! I also made a list of all the posts I wanted to write before the baby arrived: baby showers, the nursery, etc. And then my water broke, 17 days before her due date, and 24 hours later--exactly to the minute!!--Lainie was born, and all my blog-writing aspirations dissipated like the morning dew. I'll be back, with lots of pictures and details, someday...but for now, I'm just trying to sleep when I can and snuggle my baby.}

Dearest Mike,

On a balmy July day exactly three years ago, we were all grins and excitement and wedding-day-butterflies.

We dreamed about babies and what the future held.

I probably hoped that by the time our third anniversary rolled around, we'd be a little family of three.

When we found out I was pregnant last November, it looked like the chances were pretty good that we might end up sharing our anniversary with our baby's birthday--my due date was only five days before our anniversary!

Then, when we found out about Elaina's diaphragmatic hernia in May, we began to prepare ourselves for a long summer at Children's Hospital with our sick little daughter. Neither of us ever imagined we'd spend our third anniversary at Children's Hospital, but now it looked like that was inevitable. 

But my love, no matter where we are, there are no people I'd rather spend our anniversary with than you and Lainie. 
And by sheer grace from God, not only are we not in the hospital on our special day, Lainie was discharged 13 days ago! Not only was she born early...not only was she able to breathe on her own from the moment she was born...not only was she far beyond every best case scenario the doctors ever predicted...she was discharged from the hospital when she was only 8 days old!

I'm sure we'll steal a few kisses today when Lainie isn't lookin...and thank Jesus for the innumerable graces He has lavished on us in our three years as Mr. & Mrs.

I love you!


  1. Happy Anniversary! This is such a sweet post and I'm so happy you can share your third anniversary as a family of three :)

    (and isn't Lainie's arrival story just full of the grace of God - we are so thankful that everything went even better than best case scenario! Yay for prayer & thank you Jesus!)

  2. Happy 3 years of marriage! What a happy day that was and what sweet moments God has lavished on you in the days following. What a blessing that you share 3 years as a family of 3! Enjoy your day!

  3. Over the moon to think of where and who the last three years has brought you. And for Jesus great goodness and grace upon your sweet little family. And remembering what a beautiful day that was, three years ago. Happy Mrs. Mike day to you!!!!!! Love you so! xoxo

  4. P.S. So proud to hear that you are making sleeping while you can a priority right now. Kiss her from me would you? xo

  5. Happy Anniversary!! Family of 3 and home with your wee little one. God Bless your family and marriage. Love you!