Sunday, June 10, 2012

{ Babymoon ~ Part I }

On the last weekend in May, Mike and I took a Friday-Monday getaway to Vashon Island. Mike is always a very hard worker--I refrain from using the term "workaholic," but those of you who are one {or are married to one} know what I mean. ;-) I really wanted us to take a little babymoon more for his sake than my own; it's so hard to unplug from life and reconnect with each other when you're at home. With the added stress of Lainie's diagnosis, I am so glad that we had this little retreat.

We have unwittingly established a tradition of going to an island to celebrate our anniversary: Oahu {honeymoon}, Lopez Island {first anniversary}, Kauai {second anniversary}. Apparently we really enjoy islands. Since we'll almost certainly spend this anniversary at Children's Hospital--and because long car rides are not my cup of tea at this point in pregnancy--we opted for something a little closer to home. If you hit the ferry line right, it's hard to believe that somewhere so rural and pastoral and that requires a ferry ride is so close to home--our return trip {including a short ferry line wait} was one hour and fifteen minutes!

The beginning of ferry hair...                                                                       ...and its full, glorious state.

:: the Olympic Mountains were in their full glory ::

:: a beautiful day to be sailing! ::

:: approaching the dock ::

We stayed in a studio apartment that was literally on the waterfront and a couple hundred feet from the ferry dock. It was the perfect little nest for a couple. Falling asleep with the windows open, hearing the water lap on the shore, was so lovely--that's one of Mike's and my favorite memories about Hawaii.

Here's a photo tour:

 :: bathroom entry...a little more Buddhist than we liked, but oh well! ::

Let's step out onto the deck...                                                              ...ferry dock to the left...

...homeowner's yard and beach access to the right.

 :: better look at the yard/beach--the tide was pretty high in this photo ::

:: Mr. & Mrs. Mike ::

After a delicious dinner that evening at an Indian restaurant, we went on an exploratory jaunt down the island. It's only 13 miles long, and it's an island--how lost can you get? We stumbled across the tiny hamlet of Dockton just as the sunset ended.

Back at home, watching ferries in the dusk.

Next up: Babymoon, Part Deux!


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    What a gorgeous get-away! Chuckled over ferry-hair, the wind on those things is just something else... and speaking of something else - the place you stayed, the sweet pic of the 2 of you and that dock glowing in the night are all just breath-taking! Looking forward to Part Deux :)