Thursday, May 24, 2012

{ In Which I Have a Birthday }

I know it was over a month ago...but I never got around to posting pictures. And it was a really fun day, thanks to Mr. Mike. And this weekend we're heading to Vashon Island for a little "babymoon," so I shan't be posting for a few days, and then Tuesday is our first appointment at Children's Hospital, so really, if I don't post something before we leave on Friday, it's going to be more than a week before a new post.

I think all that self-justification for a post about my month-old birthday was for me, not you...


Mike planned a lovely, laid-back Saturday, just the two of us, doing some of my favorite things: waterfronts, exploring, gelato, flowers, new adventures in Seattle--of course without letting me know any of it in advance. And God blessed us with a gorgeously sunny day to boot!

We started off with coffee from Caffe Appasionato, the loveliest coffee shop I think I've ever seen, and then meandered over to the Fishermen's Terminal in the Ballard {Wallingford? sorta north Queen Anne?} neighborhood of Seattle. I'd never been there before. We walked out on the docks, admiring the boats and yachts.

I think this zippy little red number was Mike's favorite

Ohhhh, look, I don't look pregnant at all!!

BAM!!! Triplets, anyone?!
I swear it's the jacket...

Mike took me to the dearest little shop called Nellie's that serves toast with jam and cheese. Yum!!

Flowers at Pike Place Market

Gelato...need I say more?
I got raspberry and lemon, Mike got mango and coconut.

We ended the day at Arnie's, enjoying a delicious dinner as the sun set over the water. It was an idyllic day.

Even if it was in honor of my last "young" birthday. ;-)


  1. You make me laugh! I love your blogs!

  2. Such a beautiful day! Have FUN on your babymoon this weekend! I cannot make up my mind whether I want to try toast with cheese and jam or if I'm completely repulsed. Did you like it?

    1. It was actually REALLY tasty! I would recommend giving it a shot. They used a mild white cheese (can't remember what kind), and then jam on top. I had raspberry, I think Mike got blackberry...and of course, really thick-sliced homemade bread. Yum!

  3. Looks like it was a fab last 'young' birthday! ;) Hope you had a great weekend away and that your appointment at the Children's Hospital goes well - thinking of you guys! xo